How to Relax Your Hair

Take it easy! With the right advice, relaxing your hair can be an easy task.


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    Start by basing your scalp with a light grease (pure extra virgin cooking olive oil from your local grocery store for best results). Separate and part each section of your hair until your entire scalp has been covered. Part the hair into four sections, using hair clips or pins. You should have a cross in your hair.
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    Start with one section. Make thin parts applying the cream relaxer to the new growth with a relaxer brush without missing spots. Try concentrating on just applying the relaxer to the new growth and not the scalp. Move on to the next section and so fourth.
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    After all four sections have the relaxer applied to the new growth, go back and work the relaxer through. Gently comb through the new growth of each section of hair. The texture of your hair will determine how long to leave the relaxer in your hair. (Refer to product instructions)
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    Make sure to thoroughly rinse the relaxer out with plain water before applying the neutralizing shampoo. Ideally you should apply a light protein conditioner and keep it in for 5 minutes, then rinse, before neutralizing. Lines such as Affirm have this conditioner as part of their system and it's vital to rebuilding the hair shaft.
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    Rinse out the relaxer using a neutralizing shampoo. This kind of shampoo allows the relaxer to discontinue the relaxing process and prevents breakage. When shampooing the hair, make sure you work up a good lather and completely rinse out the relaxer. (Color-activated neutralizers are available as well. They indicate the amount of relaxer left in your hair.)
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    Condition your hair. After rinsing your hair, pat dry the excess water from the hair. Apply deep conditioner to all parts of the hair. Comb it through and let it sit for three to five minutes. Hot oil treatments work wonders, too.
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    Rinse out the conditioner. Towel dry the wet hair, comb through and style as usual.


  • Before applying relaxer to new growth, consider coating the ends of your previously relaxed hair with some type of conditioner. This is an excellent precaution to help prevent over processing of previously relaxed hair.
  • If you have not relaxed your hair before or your hair is natural, apply the cream relaxer over all your hair.
  • Pure oils free from additives work best. Try organic oils at your local grocery store for hot oil treatments. Essential oils are very moisturizing and smell good.


  • For at least 48 hours, try not scratch or irritate your scalp before relaxing your hair.
  • Don't wash your hair right before you relax it.
  • Don't wet your hair within the two days after relaxing it.
  • Don't color your hair after relaxing it
  • If the relaxer strength is too strong your hair will be severely damaged. If the strength is too weak it won't straighten.
  • Make sure you use the correct relaxing strength for your hair type.
  • Make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water for 10 minutes. Follow with a neutralizing shampoo.

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