How to Regrow Brussels Sprouts

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Many vegetables can be re-grown, but did you know that Brussels sprouts can also be regrown?

Part 1

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    Get brussels sprouts. Stores usually sell a pack with multiple brussels sprouts.
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    Cut off the bottom of the brussel sprout, the inedible part that is usually left uneaten.
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    Wash and examine. Wash the brussels sprout's base and peel of any yellow/dead leaves.

Part 2

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    Fill a container with about half an inch of water.
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    Place as many brussels sprouts you wish to regrow in the water. They shouldn't be floating. It's ok if the brussels sprouts are touching each other. Just make sure they aren't crammed together.
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    Change the water daily, and dispose of any yellowing/dead leaves that come off the brussels sprouts.

Part 3

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    Watch for the signs the brussels sprouts are ready to move to soil; mini brussel sprout heads, and roots.
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    Watch for new growth. It might take a while, but eventually the regrown brussels sprouts will grow roots. Wait one day before planting in soil.
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    Water around the base. The soil should be slightly moist but not too wet.


  • Tap water is fine, you don't need distilled or special water
  • Brussels sprouts may take up to 2-3 weeks before growing roots


  • Do not move the Brussels sprouts to soil until they have roots

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