How to Regain a Sense of Community

Everywhere you look you crowds of people, but never their faces. Their faces are almost always buried in their phones, whether it's texting another person or on a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter. It doesn't stop just there, with all the various electronic devices available to us, we communicate to others but actually live solitary lives. We have all began to lose a sense of community. Learn how to regain it and see how it will actually improve the way you live your life.


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    Notice how much of your time is spent in your phone. According to Pew Research Internet Project, cell phone owners between ages 18 and 24 exchange aver 100 messages per day. [1] How do you measure up against that statistic? This includes all aspects, texting, social networking, internet, phone calls, etc. Is it more or less than a half hour or hour per day? Also, take notice of others, whether they're your friends, family, or strangers. How many people do you see on their electronic devices during class, outside of class, at home, restaurants, or even concerts. What is your purpose? Contacting others or just entertainment? How much of your own usage is necessary? What could be reduced?
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    Try reducing your phone and other electronics usage. Attempt cutting back little by little, don't try to give up anything cold turkey. Try to put a limit on yourself, such as only being on your phone for so many minutes a day. While knowing that cutting back can be tough, keep in mind beforehand that many things can wait and aren't as urgent as they might seem.
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    Consider other ways to connect and communicate with your friends. Meet up with them physically, not through the internet. Plan occasions ahead of time to get together. Try to make these events weekly or monthly, whichever can work with everyone's schedules. Always try to find alternatives so that everyone won't be able to be distracted on their phones. If you all have common interests involving these things such video games, make a party out of it by getting everyone with their television and games in the same room playing together instead of through the internet.
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    Connect with family. Holidays shouldn't be the only times when family all get a chance to see each other. Just as you should with friends, make time for your family as well. Try to plan meet ups with as many of your closest family members at least on a monthly basis. These could be simple things like eating a big dinner together, playing card games or board games, or going out to places like bowling. Try to keep phones out of the situation for everyone, not only you.
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    Connect with your community. Having your face buried in your phone nearly your whole life isn't going to make you any new friends. A possible friend could have just passed you by without you even knowing it. Talking with strangers can be daunting and nerve wrecking for some, so take it little by little. Start with just a friendly greeting every time you see the same person. Work your way up to small talk and hopefully even better things from there.
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    Keep it up. Never start something and end up not finishing it. Don't try to cut back for a little while and go back to normal soon after. Try to push yourself more and more. Decrease your time on your electronics more and more. Keep on making get-togethers with your friends and family and attend community events. Even try to use your phone in positive ways by enriching your experiences with people.


  • Do not disregard your phone completely. Phones have become a vital tool in our society, but have their own time and place.


  • This does not include people with friends and loved ones that live far away. We have incredible technology to stay in touch with them. Always make time with them, but remember the people who are actually around you.

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