How to Reduce Laundry Wrinkles

Reducing laundry wrinkles is something that every person doing laundry should try to do. Preventing wrinkles in clothing can save you the extra step of ironing. Read the following tips to learn how to control wrinkles in laundry.


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    Select a steam-wash cycle on your washing machine, if possible.
    • This cycle has a reputation for preventing wrinkles on clothes.
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    Put 1 cup of white, distilled vinegar into your washing machine.
    • Adding vinegar during the rinse cycle can help reduce existing wrinkles on clothes.
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    Invest in a good fabric softener.
    • In addition to adding softness to clothes and helping to prevent static cling, fabric softeners also reduce the amount of wrinkles in your laundry. Remember that items like towels do not need to treated with fabric softener, and certain types of clothing, like athletic wear, might not respond well to fabric softener.
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    Use the dryer setting with the lowest heat required to successfully dry your clothes.
    • Over-heating your clothes can cause damage to them. Using too much heat on your clothes can also cause wrinkles to set into your clothing. You might be able to avoid the extra step of having to iron your clothes after a dryer cycle if you choose the appropriate heat setting.
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    Choose a setting on your dryer that includes a few minutes of cooling time.
    • Hot clothes may wrinkle more easily than cool ones.
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    Use products that guard against static cling.
    • Clothes that stick together increase the likelihood of wrinkling. Placing dryer sheets in a dryer with your clothes can reduce static cling and the wrinkling that can result from it. As an added bonus, they can soften clothes and make them smell good if they're scented.
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    Take clothes out of a dryer as soon as possible.
    • Even if you choose an appropriate heat and time setting, your clothes might still wrinkle. This is because when a dryer stops, the motion of clothes also stops. Clothes that are piled on top of each other will wrinkle due to their positions and the weight of other clothes around them. To avoid unnecessary wrinkling, take your clothes out of a dryer and hang them up as soon as they're dry.
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    Buy permanent press clothing.
    • Permanent press clothing is designed to resist wrinkling. By purchasing and using this type of clothing, you might find that the incidence of wrinkles on your clothing will significantly reduce. The use of the permanent press setting on your drying machine can also help to reduce wrinkles in clothing.


  • If you're pressed for time and can't iron wrinkly clothes, consider hanging them in your bathroom while you're having a shower. The steam that builds up from the shower will have the effect of smoothing out the wrinkles in your clothes for you.
  • If you can't fold or hang your clothes immediately after a drying cycle is finished, dampen a clean cloth and place it into the dryer. Let the dryer run for a few minutes to reduce the wrinkles that have accumulated on your clothes.

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