How to Reduce Clutter in Your Apartment

Do you struggle with clutter in your apartment? Clutter can be a big influence on how stressed we feel at home, so it’s important to keep clutter under control. TGM Associates is happy provide you with our favorite tips and strategies for organization to help you take control of the clutter in your apartment. And, most importantly, start small – by organizing areas individually, you will be able to make progress and stay on top of clutter before it builds up!


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    Go through your current belongings. Did you find that old sweater that Aunt Mable gave you for Christmas three years ago that you've never worn? It's time to find that old sweater a new home - donate it to charity, or take it to a consignment store to try to sell it. When we accumulate a lot of items that we don't use, they take up space that can be used for items we will use. This creates a cramped, cluttered feeling throughout our home. Removing these items will create space for the belongings that you actually use or wear.
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    Limit (Or Resist) Impulse Buys. While a 90% off sale is a strong temptation, ask yourself if you really need whatever is on sale. If you don't need it, put it back. The more things you own, the worse clutter will get. Impulse buys increase the unnecessary belongings in your life (and home).
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    Create a Place for Everything. and Put Things in Their Proper Place - Once you've cleared out the old belongings that you never use, you're ready to organize! Designate a place for all the things you use - whether it's in a specific drawer, in the closet, or just placing all your clothes on hangers. Once you've created a place for things, keep them there! This will help you keep track of your belongings and reduce piling up clutter.
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    Use Multipurpose Furniture. When you're designating places for everything, it helps to make sure that you're making the most of what space you have. If you live in a large home, chances are that you have plenty of closet space, but an apartment poses more of a challenge. In either case, buy furniture that can pull double duty - storage ottomans help create a welcoming atmosphere and store items inside. Store a set of board games for a family and friends game night, or an extra blanket to snuggle under during cold days.
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    Deal With Mail Immediately. Unwanted mail and piled up mail is one of the biggest headaches when it comes to apartment clutter. To reduce piled up mail, simply go through your mail every day. Throw away junk mail immediately, and decide what needs to be done with the rest of your mail. Once you have a plan for your mail, it can be dealt with or filed where it belongs.
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    Sparing with Displays (Simplicity Reigns). One sure way to make your apartment feel cluttered is by filling it up with knick-knacks and displays. This makes the space feel busy. By selecting a few key items and displaying them simply, you can reduce the busy atmosphere and make your living space feel more organized and less cluttered.
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    Use Vertical Space. In any home or apartment, your biggest ally in reducing clutter is vertical space. Wall shelves and tall bookcases let you organize belongings according to necessity. Place items you use rarely along top shelves, and items you use frequently on easy to reach shelves.
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    Use Stackable Drawers in Cabinet Space. This tactic might fall under the multipurpose category, but it's important enough to merit its own segment. Instead of using cabinet space as-is, purchase stackable drawers to place inside. These drawers allow you to easily organize cabinet space, and make better use of open space in the top of the cabinets, giving you more space overall. These drawers can be used in kitchen cabinets, under the sink, and any other type of cabinet. Drawer organizers are also a great tool for dividing drawers into smaller spaces for smaller items.

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