How to Redo Your Room Without Spending a Lot

When you want change, your room, the place you live in, is the first thing you look at. And you think to yourself, 'I'd love to change this place up, but I know I'm not getting any money to do it.' This article will tell you just how you can redo your room without any spending.


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    Use what you have. You can do things like hanging scarves from doors, earmuffs off doorknobs, showcase you shoes. Use the things that are sitting in baskets or laying in closets. Take things you already have, like your vibrant nail polishes or belts that you already have and show them off. Put things you have out. And if you have things like trophies and awards, put them out front and center too. These are colorful things that you already have, so use them.
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    What do you love? Really think about it. Do you love to paint, or grow flowers, or make music, or even cards? Use what you love too. If you garden, place your plants at your window, and there you go, one decorated window. If you have a deep passion for music, find a place for your CDs on a shelf, and people can see what kind of music you love, or if your passion is making it, say, with a guitar, show off your guitar, especially if you love it, or it's new. By presenting what you love in your room, people can get to know the real you as you decorate your room.
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    Remember art class, and all those things you had to make? When you get all those things back, if you do, use them. Take them home on the last day of school. Hang them up on your walls. Put the pots you made for ceramics on your desk and shelves. Those things weren't actually useless; you can use what you create to decorate your room and show off your art skills and what interests you.
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    Put pictures on your walls! Who you love is just as important as what you love, whether it's family, friends, even a band. Pictures of who you love are important to represent you, because not only do you want to decorate your room, you want it to look like who you are. After all, it is your room. You can print pictures out and hang them up on the wall. You don't even need frames for pics, though if you want some for cheap, you can probably find some at a dollar store. You can use tape to put pictures up on your desk or wall. You can also simply prop pictures up on any surface.
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    Use various types of Fabrics. Curtains can be made, if you know how, but if you don't just find a way to hang them on your window, or do without. Pillows are nice to make or have, if you know how or see one in your house you like. If you must buy pillows, there's some really cool stores like the Five Below or even dollar stores that sell cool, unique pillows. And if you have to buy fabric, try craft stores, any craft store is fine. Pillowcases work for pillows too. These are nice things to tie a room together.
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    Have some type of storage. Shelves and bookcases are great places to show off shoes, books, hair stuff, whatever, and keep your room clean. They store your stuff while you can also arrange your things to make your bookcase a display case. Just make sure you have enough room for the basics; clothes, your book bag, and shoes.
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    Dress up your bed. You don't have to buy all new blankets to have a beautiful bed. If the underside of your blanket is a solid color you like, switch the blanket over, so you see that color. Or, if you happen to love your sheets but not the blanket, put the sheet on top of the blanket, so that's what people see, if you don't mind your bed not being made right. You could also use a different blanket in your house, if you want to, and really don't like your own blanket.


  • Remember: Even the strange things you see around your house might be the next thing that's perfect for your room. Think outside the box when decorating your room.
  • Painting on glass, if you have the paint and something like a glass bottle, is something really cool and original to do. When you're finished painting, put it on a dresser, table, any surface that ISN'T on the floor.
  • Use what other people give you too, like cards or gifts, to decorate your room.
  • Even crazy fun things like leftover streamers and balloons from a party or your favorite stuffed animals from your younger days (or now if you're not a teen) are really cool things to use in your room.
  • Recycling things like Tootsie-Roll cans and coloring on them or leaving the cover on and just putting it somewhere in your room is nice too.


  • Don't do anything your parents wouldn't approve of. And ask before you take anything that wasn't already yours.

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