How to Redo Your Room on a Really Tight Budget

This article will show you how to make your room look fabulous, even when you know the update did not cost you much money at all. But, you don't have to tell your friends that. :) Unlike other articles, this will show you how to do it with a budget so small it almost doesn't exist.


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    Decor. First you need a blank canvas. If you're happy with the color of your room, good. If not, use white paint. If you think that white paint is too "blah", then use neutral colors such as beige or tan. These colors, or any neutral colors can go with almost any design. It's really cheap, or you may have some in your garden shed/garage etc. and you can change the color scheme as much as you want. For the floor, use what you already have. If you completely detest it, then splurge on laminate flooring. Laminate is cheaper than hardwood, but some people like the look of hardwood better. Beige carpet is also another option too. If you bedroom has different flooring than the rest of the house, then, to make a more cohesive look, match the flooring to your other rooms. Pick the flooring color and type that matches your decor and meets your needs.
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    Furniture. A great way to get free furniture is to find steals. Go to your nearest city and hunt around any streets with reasonably posh houses. That way you know it's probably good quality. Sometimes all a piece needs is a sanding down or some paint. Other ways include:
    • [https//], which lets you give and receive free items,
    • [http//] (buy and sell second hand goods)
    • local charity shops.
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    Once you've got it all, move it around until your room looks at it's biggest and best.
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    Use Textiles. Textiles. Fabrics make your room. Use Ikea curtain fabrics anywhere. Instead of buying expensive cushions, make them. Use your own sewing machine, or your school's textiles department if you are allowed. If your budget is even smaller, buy plain cloth, make a couple cushions, then use photo transfer paper to print on pictures of your favorite band, friends, etc. It's only about £1 a sheet. Buy a plain blind/curtains and jazz them up with fabric paint, or use saris. Get a white duvet cover. If you have lots of throws/cushions, it doesn't look boring.
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    Art. Buy a couple copies of vogue or Elle or NME. Cut out photos of anything you like and make collages to stick on your wall. mix them in with drawings you did yourself for an eclectic look. Alternatively, buy a pack of art cards from Ikea and put them in mismatched charity shop frames. If you see a design you like but can't afford it, go on their website, copy and paste it into word and print out. No one will ever know!
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    Finishing touches. Find some old, weird ornaments, either at craft fairs, flea markets or charity shops and display them on shelves. is also good, or car boot sales and discount/£1 shops. Look for old tins, Chinese paper lanterns, porcelain animals and cut crystal perfume bottles. If you don't have enough storage space, buy cheap, brightly coloured market bags and hang them off hooks on the back of your door.


  • Keep your room clean!
  • Use what you already have!
  • Get help from friends/parents. They could have a really good eye for a bargain.
  • Look in your attic, your grandma's attic, anyone who'll let you in. You might find something good.
  • Trade stuff with friends.

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