How to Redo Your Child's Bedroom

There are many ways to create a neat and comfortable room for your child. Here are a few suggestions.


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    Involve your child: ask him or her for ideas and make sure your child is part of the planning (and the painting)
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    Decide on the arrangement of the furniture: draw out different possibilities on paper.
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    Choose a color scheme: colors at the warm end of the spectrum (red, orange, yellow) are more stimulating, and can make it harder to fall asleep. If your child prefers one of these colors, consider substituting with a tint of the color (pink instead of red, peach instead of orange, lemon instead of yellow) or limit such colors to the room accessories, like the window treatments, lampshades or throw pillows.
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    Carve out a corner for hobbies: children enjoy using their bedrooms for more than just sleeping and storing their clothing. Try to incorporate space for playing, studying, drawing or reading. Consider providing a work surface, a chair, and storage such as drawers or bookcase. Don't forget to provide adequate lighting.
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    Provide lots and lots of storage: children are notorious for keeping messy rooms, but they can hardly shoulder all them blame if there is nowhere to put their stuff. Consider the following:
    • Hooks might be the simplest storage solution. Install three hooks on the back of the door 36 inches (91.4 cm) above the floor and three more 60 inches (152.4 cm) above the floor. Install 6 more on the wall behind the door.
    • Closets are tiny little rooms totally dedicated to storage. Make the most of this space with custom shelving. Rubbermaid has a great product that includes rods, shelves, and even drawers. If your room doesn't have a real closet, these shelves and rods can be installed on any wall.
    • A chest of drawers is perfect for storing clothes.
    • Shelves are very useful and easy to install.
    • Don't forget the space under the bed. Stuff is going to end up under there anyway, it might as well be organized into bins and boxes.


  • A heavily themed room may need to be redone in a few years. For example: Tinkerbell, Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder are all super cool between the ages of 3-5, but maybe inappropriate for a child 6-10. Likewise a theme of horses or knights might be very cool between the ages of 6-10, it may be inappropriate for a child 12-18. To compensate consider wallpaper borders rather than wallpaper to make it easier to change it out.

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