How to Redo Your Bedroom Without Painting

Is your room dull or just plain ugly? You can make your room look better without making big, major changes or spending a lot of money!


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    Clean up your room before you start. It is much easier to redo your room when everything is in place.
    • Washing down the walls and vacuuming away dust, cobwebs, and the dirt on the carpet helps.
    • Pick up everything and put it away. Find a spot for things that have no place, like on a shelf or in a drawer.
    • Make a pile of things you would like to get rid of. If they are in good condition, consider giving them to a charity or donating them to a thrift store. Otherwise, throw items away.
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    Decide on how much money you are willing to spend. If it isn't a lot, you can make some inexpensive decorations yourself. (See step 4 for ideas) Also, try shopping for items at a thrift store, and keep your eye out at garage sales. Don't forget to decide whether or not you want a theme to your room. A theme keeps the room together, and can be colors, animals, or subjects. However, a theme is not necessary. If you do have a theme, try to get items to match it.
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    Put up posters and pictures of things that interest you. For example, you may want to put up posters of your favorite celebrities, movies, or TV shows. You could also put up art you made yourself if you draw or paint in your spare time.
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    If you want to make stuff yourself, you could also put up wrapping paper sheets and make a statement wall, or use cool fabrics to decorate your walls. If you love sewing, sew some toss pillows. They can really help to tie a room together. Also, you could sew your own curtains and make your own beaded curtains.
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    Switch the furniture around in your room. This might not sound like much but it can make a huge difference. For example, just switch the bed and the dresser around. It's as simple as that!
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    Redecorate! For example, you can get or make a new lampshade, decorate your light switch plate, get several pillows, change your sheets and bedspread, and even buy new curtains! You can also put up beaded curtains and bean bag chairs to sit on. Whatever you do, have fun redoing your room!


  • Use some music for some motivation and also some fun!
  • Make a list of things that you need to buy. Before you buy anything, check with a friend or family member to see if they have what you are looking for. If they do, and they don't want it, they'll most likely give it to you for little or no cost. Make sure that your room suits what you like and even if the room is small it can still be an amazing room that suits what you want
  • Trade unwanted items with friends or family. Always check with your parents first, though!
  • Make a budget before you start so you don't go overboard.
  • Making your own decorations is both less expensive and more fun.
  • Maybe you could add some posters to fill the wall up that way the posters will cover up the wall for decoration.
  • Check to make sure it's okay to redo your room before you start.


  • Don't do anything permanent unless you are 100% sure about it.
  • Don't go over the top with bright colours because you will wake up with a headache every morning

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