How to Redecorate a Bathroom

There's no need to spend lots of money or time redecorating a bathroom. Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in the house, but also the most important. They are where we go to relax and refresh before, during, and after our days. Here is how to make your bathroom shine, for less.


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    Remove the clutter. No matter what else you plan to do to your bathroom, having a bunch of clutter in there is certain not to make things any more relaxing or attractive. Throw things out if you possibly can. If not, install storage.
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    Clean everything. Unless you are planning to rip the bathroom down to studs (usually not a budget undertaking), start by thoroughly cleaning what you have. Don't forget to include floors, grout, mirrors, shower, and all the outside surfaces of your toilet.
    • Try a solution of half water, half vinegar to remove hard water deposits.
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    Wash the walls. Bathroom walls get a lot of moisture, and they can become mildewed or spattered. Even if you can't paint, give them a good washing. Make sure it's a washable surface, not a flat paint. Test on a hidden area first, if you're not sure.
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    Paint the walls if you need to. Paint is one of the least expensive and quickest things to change about a room. Don't be afraid to use a bold color in a bathroom, especially a small one. You'll be surprised at how it can transform the room.
    • Be sure to use a glossy or semigloss paint in bathrooms. Paint in bathrooms sees a lot of moisture.
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    Add or update storage. How do those old towel racks look? Would some that are brighter or shinier lighten things up and modernize matters a bit? Could you do with a matching hook by the shower or on the back of the door? Would the bathroom fit some drawers or shelves? Consider options for freestanding and built in storage.
    • Make sure to attach wall-mounted items securely, using drywall anchors or studs, as appropriate.
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    Add colorful accessories.
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    Consider stenciling, replacing, or covering tiles. Tiles may be a job you can do yourself if you want to freshen up a worn surface cheaply. If you have a worn tile floor and you prefer not to pay to replace it yet, another choice is simply to put down a bath mat or throw rug to cover most of it.
    • Remember to seal stenciled tiles and new grout to help make it waterproof. #Update the faucet(s) and shower head. It is reasonably easy to replace a faucet yourself. It's also reasonably inexpensive, provided you choose a moderately priced faucet.
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    Update light fixtures, especially the one(s) over the vanity or sink. Make sure you know a bit about electrical safety if you plan to install the new fixture yourself.
    • Try a shower spotlight if you don't already have one.
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    Add accessories and finishing touches.
    • Try adding color coordinated bath rugs, towels, shower curtain, and a bathroom set that goes with the colors of the fixtures and paint.
    • If you have any natural light, add a potted plant or two. Try forcing a bulb in water or having a plant of lucky bamboo.
    • Try an elegant silk plant if you don't have the natural light to sustain a real one.
    • Don't forget the walls. Do you have wall space for a decorative plate or framed artwork? Make sure it's reasonably moisture proof.


  • Don't get carried away with the storage. In particular, make sure any storage you install doesn't interfere with the use of the bathroom. You should not have to hit your head on a cabinet or shelf just to use the toilet or sink. This may mean storing excess linens in a closet down the hall, instead.
  • Make your plans with your budget in mind. Anything is possible, but not everything is affordable.


  • Keep bathroom safety in mind as you make your choices. Are you installing something that will be slippery when it is wet? Is there something solid to grasp if you need it?
  • Use tools safely.
  • Follow proper practices and obtain proper permits if you decide to replace lighting or plumbing on your own.

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