How to Recycle Motor Oil

It is very easy and free to recycle used motor oil, transmission fluid, and brake fluid at most DIY auto-part retail specialty stores.


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    Pour used oil into empty laundry jugs, any type of heavy container with a tight seal, or right back into the jugs you just emptied into your auto.
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    Call your local DIY retail auto parts store and make sure they have room in their container. Some stores have a limit of 5 gallons (18.9 L) per customer. Ask the store for their policy.
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    Line a cardboard box big enough for your jugs with plastic. A trash bag works well. Make sure all the caps are on tightly and place the jugs of used oil inside the plastic lined box. Place in the trunk of your vehicle making sure the box cannot tip over.
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    Drive to your local retail auto parts store. You may be asked to sign a log recording the amount of oil collected from you.
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    Say thank-you to your friendly parts person.


  • Used oil if left for some weeks undisturbed will drop on the bottom the heavier part like metal dust and stuff, so 95% of it remains clear of debris.
  • I have even used it to heat a big building with a diesel injection heater, delivering some 300 Kmh of heat and hot water for 60 persons working there, but you need to learn how to trim the burner for a perfect burning otherwise will pollute and fill the neighborhood with smoke.
  • This oil can be used in your air-compressor to lubricate it, can be used to oil your bicycle chain, your motorbike chain, to oil nuts and bolts before tightening so they don't "weld" to each-other due to tightening friction, can be used to oil surfaces you intend to pour plaster on them to copy their form so that plaster won't stick to the original surface.


  • Do yourself a favor by calling ahead so you are not driving around with used oil in your car.

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