How to Recycle Common Household Products

From old metal keys to used USB drives you no longer want or need, there are ways you can put these tired items to use without adding to your local landfill.


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    Return florist vases you no longer want or need. Although that last flower arrangement you received from a secret admirer was fabulous, you weren’t in love with the vase. Most people will simply store the vase in a closet or may even throw it away if they don’t like it. Instead, consider contacting your local florist to see if the business could re-use the vase. In most cases, your florist will thank you, allowing you to support your local community florist.
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    Recycle old keys. If you are like most people, you have mysterious keys floating around your house. Instead of throwing them away, consider donating them to a local scrap metal recycling facility. The company can melt down the metal, which can be used to create new products.
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    Donate lightly used blankets and clothing to a local animal shelter. While going the Goodwill way may be your first inclination, don’t forget about struggling or homeless dogs and cats. Shelters can always use old bedding, sheets and towels.
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    Recycle old USB drives through an educational recycling company that donates used drives to children in third world countries to be used as learning tools. Do a search for recycle USB drives to find a list of reputable companies that will gladly recycle old flash drives for a good cause.
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    Transform fresh fruit packing boxes into handy Christmas ornament storage. Make sure the foam compartments aren’t sticky and are clean to use to keep your most precious glass ornaments safe during the year.


  • Only use sturdy fruit boxes that are completely intact for ornament storage.
  • Wipe data from the USB drive before donating it to any company or organization.

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