How to Recycle a Glass Coffee Jar

Coffee is a pantry staple and a daily libation for many people. Unfortunately, this can mean many of the bags, canisters, and glass jars in which the coffee is purchased are discarded in the garbage. Like many other simple and sturdy containers, though, you can easily find creative ways to recycle a glass coffee jar. The tips below offer some examples of new uses to which a coffee jar can be put.


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    Use the glass coffee jar as a pencil holder. After cleaning the glass jar and removing the label, you can place the jar on a desk and use it to keep pencils, pens, or markers ready at hand. The large size of many coffee jars makes this application ideal for storing a large collection of colored pencils for sketching.
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    Store crafting or office supplies in the glass coffee jars. After saving up several glass coffee jars, you can use them to store various crafting supplies like yarn, thread, sewing needles, buttons, and more. They can also be used to store small office supplies like paperclips, staples, and erasers. Lining the filled jars up next to each other on a shelf will create a tidy, uniform appearance.
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    Keep bulk kitchen ingredients in the coffee jars. Glass jars work well for storing bulk ingredients in your kitchen such as pasta, rice, sugar, flour, and dried beans. You can even create decorative labels for the jars to make identification easier.
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    Create flower vases from the coffee jars. Glass coffee jars are an ideal size for displaying small arrangements of cut flowers. You can either use the jars as-is or decorate them by wrapping fabric or ribbon around them. Consider using a coffee jar in conjunction with smaller glass jars to create a composed, varied arrangement.
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    Keep bathroom essentials handy in the glass coffee jars. Bathroom drawers and medicine cabinets can quickly become messy vehicles for small essentials like cotton swabs and cotton balls. Instead, consider keeping these items in separate glass jars, which can be displayed attractively on your counter or mounted onto a wall.
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    Sprout seedlings in your glass coffee jars. Large glass jars make excellent vessels for sprouting seeds or growing small plants like herbs. Fill the jars with potting mix and grow the plants just as you would in a clay pot.
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    Make a soap dispenser from a glass coffee jar. Instead of continually buying and discarding plastic soap dispensers, you can buy liquid soap in bulk and use the glass jar as a dispenser. Drilling a hole into the coffee jar lid will allow you to mount a soap pump into the lid.


  • A good way to reduce the amount of garbage generated through your coffee purchasing is by buying coffee in bulk. Most grocery stores have bulk coffee bins that are priced by weight, and you can supply your own bag or canister to reduce packing waste.
  • Of course, glass is nearly always accepted by municipal recycling programs. Recycling the glass jars in this way will at least prevent you from having to discard them in the trash.

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