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How to Recruit Students

Recruiting students for an academic or technical program involves attracting the attention of students, educating them on program offerings and removing obstacles to program enrollment. Effective recruitment strategies include being visible to students and creating an environment that fosters dialogue and the exchange of information. Successful student recruitment requires organization, planning and effective communication skills. Here are the necessary steps for recruiting students.


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    Identify your recruitment population. If you are recruiting for a 4-year college, for example, your target population will be high school students, individuals with a high school diploma and community college attendees.
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    Specify the characteristics of the target population. For example, your program goal may be to diversify your student population by attracting students from various cultures or specific economic backgrounds.
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    Determine the current location of your ideal student population. Your potential students may currently be enrolled in a community college, a trade school or a high school. More specifically, the schools may be located in a designated region of the city, country or the world.
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    Plan student recruitment events. Contact schools or organizations. Reach out to school principals, athletic coaches, guidance counselors and/or community leaders to assist you in scheduling a recruitment session at their location.
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    Host a recruitment event at your school. Choose a day and time that accommodates prospective students. Contact high school principals, academic counselors and other leaders well in advance to notify them of the event. Ask them to announce the event to prospective students and encourage attendance.
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    Prepare a student recruitment presentation.
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    Identify the most attractive features of your program. Explain how the completion of your program will help a student achieve his academic, professional and/or personal goals.
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    Provide details on the various aspects of student life at your school. Include testimonials from current students, parents and alumni. Invite the school's teachers, coaches and administrators to speak.
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    Customize your presentation to the needs of your target population. For example, if your goal is to recruit more service-oriented students, focus on the community outreach efforts of your educational institution.
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    Address any obstacles to enrollment. For example, if students will need financial aid or specific courses before attending your program, suggest next steps and possible solutions to any obstacles.
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    Use visual tools. Include a slide presentation, pictures and/or videos of professors and students in action.
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    Deliver the presentation to students.
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    Keep the presentation informative yet brief. Deliver just enough information about the school, programs and student life to stimulate questions and interest.
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    Make the presentation interactive. Invite recruitment event attendees to ask questions. Event attendees may also include friends, coaches, parents and extended relatives. Invite them to ask questions as well.
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    Ask interested students for their names and contact information. Call or email students within one to two weeks after the event to encourage them to consider your program and to contact you if they need more information.
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    Hand out informative brochures at the recruitment event. Include the most attractive features of your program, along with the name, phone number and email address of a specific recruitment person for prospective students to contact directly.

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