How to Recover From Loss of Traction

Two Methods:Recover from a Rear Wheel SlideRecover from a Front Wheel Slide

Losing traction while driving can really get your heartbeat going. Unfortunately, you have great potential of meeting disaster at the end of that long slide. Your fate is better if you know how to recover from loss of traction. While reaction to the situation will direct you to respond to the vehicle's moves, you will respond more successfully if you have been schooled in how to pull out of a slide.

Method 1
Recover from a Rear Wheel Slide

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    Use the steering to pull your vehicle out of a slide.
    • Pay attention to where the vehicle is going. Are the back wheels sliding around you to the right? Or are they sliding to the left?
    • Turn the steering wheel the same direction as the back tires are headed. This recommendation probably seems a little backward to most drivers. The action, actually, will straighten the vehicle's course of direction. Remember to keep your movements smooth and gentle. Jerking the steering wheel will only make things worse.
    • Compensate for overcompensation. Sometimes the back end of the vehicle will come back around the other side of the automobile. This does not mean that you did anything wrong in your first action. To correct this, turn the steering wheel a little the new direction of the back of the vehicle, opposite your initial turn.
    • Repeat turning the steering wheel in the direction of the slide until the vehicle straightens out and/or comes to a stop.
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    Know the recommended braking procedure to use during a slide.
    • Press lightly and steadily on the brakes of a car with an anti-lock braking system. Do not slam on the brakes as this will increase the intensity and unpredictability of the skid.
    • Pump the brake pedal of a car without ABS brakes slowly and rhythmically. As the vehicle slows down, you can pump the brakes a little faster.

Method 2
Recover from a Front Wheel Slide

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    Know what to do in the event the front wheels begin to slide.
    • Take your foot off the gas. Put the vehicle in neutral. This will allow the car to gradually slow down. Put the vehicle back in an appropriate gear once the vehicle regains traction.
    • Refrain from steering the vehicle. The skidding of the tires will help the vehicle slow down. As the vehicle slows, the car will pick up traction again. As the vehicle slows down, turn the steering wheel in the direction you want the vehicle to go.

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