How to Read a Forbidden Book

Read a book you aren't supposed to be reading without anyone finding out! Before you proceed further, you may want to evaluate your reasons for trying to read a book that is forbidden. Usually there is a reason for them to be banned or forbidden. Also if you are a kid or teen, it's best to wait till you are an adult to consider taking a decision. Some books are best not read.


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    Obtain the book. The library is excellent for this. Try to go to a library where you aren't well known. Don't bring attention to yourself with your clothing or actions. Avoid leaving a trail for investigators. For instance, do not ask librarians where to find the book or search for it in the card catalogue. If you're serious about stealth, don't even check out the book. Just read it at the library. Another way, would be to obtain a digital copy of the book by searching it online in google and then buying an e-book version of it. Reading on your laptop or tablet helps to read in privacy too.
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    Smuggle it into your house. Hide it under your coat, in your pocket, or in a bag. Take it into a secure location where you know you will not be found or seen.
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    Find a good hiding place. Avoid the obvious, like underneath your pillow or in your hands. Sometimes burying it underneath clothing is effective if your dresser is never touched by others. If you share a room, make sure your roommate will not go through your stuff.
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    Read the book. Do it alone whenever possible. Read it in the bathroom, but remember not to stay locked in for too long. Read it outside, in empty parks or hiking trails. Make sure you always have an alibi.
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    Return the book. Drop it off as quietly and casually as possible. Act like it's an ordinary book. Place it face down on the counter, preferably underneath other books. Turn the spine away from others. You may want to stick around for a few minutes instead of suspiciously dashing away.
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    If you didn't check out the book to begin with, return it exactly where you left it. Make sure no one else is in sight when you do this.
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    Return to normal life. Never quote the book or act knowledgeable about anything pertaining to it. This is often the hardest step because you will want to talk about your adventure. If you must talk about it, choose someone you trust or do it anonymously.


  • Hiding one book inside of another is usually ineffective.
  • Plan ahead whenever possible.
  • You may want to disguise the book's cover with another book's cover or with paper or cloth.
  • Let me say this again. Panic will prove your guilt!
  • If you're cornered or even just in a tight spot, stay calm. Panic will prove your guilt.


  • If caught, you could get in serious trouble
  • There's usually a reason why people don't want you reading something

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