How to Read a Chapter Book (for Children)

This is for all you children who just finished the level of reading thin picture books. If you're already reading books of 10-15 pages with only a few words wrong, you might be ready for a real chapter book. Then this guide is for you!


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    Decide if you're ready to tackle it alone. First off, when you read picture books, do you usually read with an adult, or by yourself? To read a chapter book, you must be able to know simple words and read simple, short picture books by yourself. Chapter books may have a few words you do not know, but stick with it, because you are soon going to grow out of eight page picture books.
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    Make sure you have recently read a picture book. You can use that short story as your warm up before stepping into a bigger book. Once you have read that picture book, go ask your Mom or Dad or guardian to bring you to a library and get a chapter book that catches your interest, or your funny bone, or search for a nice, interesting chapter book where you are, if there are books in the place you are.
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    Dive in. Okay, so, once you have a chapter book, open the book to the first chapter, and try the first page, and if you need to stop, or take a break, that is fine.
  4. 4
    Avoid getting frustrated. Remember, don't get frustrated over one word, or one sentence you don't understand. It will be okay. If you need help, ask someone around you.
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    Take your time. Don't finish the book all in one period of time. That is rushing, and you will skip over words. Chapters books aren't meant to be read in such a small space of time, so go slowly with it.

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