How to React if Someone Has Fallen off a Horse

Imagine, riding a horse or pony with your friend. It's lots of fun.

But, what would you do if your friend suddenly fell off the horse? It would obviously be a scary experience, so read on....


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    Check if your friend has been knocked out. You'll probably find them either knocked out, awake but kind of confused, or awake and fine.
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    If they're knocked out or really confused, you should get some help from someone. If they seem injured, or you're just worried, you should call the Emergency Services.
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    Get them to a safe place. Something like a couch, a bed or a chair is best.
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    Get someone to watch them, or watch them yourself. They may have a concussion, so if they fall asleep, wake them up about every 30 to 60 minutes and check to see if they can respond and speak well, and check if they are thirsty, hungry or need to go to the washroom. You should assist them in walking, eating and drinking, in case they aren't okay. You should call the Emergency Services if they have a high fever, they can't communicate well, they don't know who they or you are, and if they're throwing up. All could be signs of a concussion or other injury.
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    Call their parents. Tell them what happened to your friend. They'll probably be extremely upset and nervous, so stay calm and tell them what happened, also, tell them where you are and how your friend is doing. They may be saying "What?" and asking questions repeatedly, so answer them all, calmly and truthfully.
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    Don't forget about the horse. Make sure it isn't spooked, and that it's okay. If they have been spooked, spend some time with them and calm them down by saying him name and saying calm, loving words, as well as patting them and hugging them. You may also want to give them a treat to make them happy. Just be sure they don't spook again and hurt you. You should never be upset at the horse. The horse is innocent in this situation, and you will be wasting time blaming who or what you think was responsible for the accident.
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    Continue to monitor your friend and the horse.


  • Ride with a pro somewhere near by.
  • Be sure to have a cell phone with you, and have money in case you need to buy food or water, a cab ride or a phone booth.
  • Be sure to know your friends parents phone number.
  • You should always call a hospital or emergency number if someone you know has fallen off of a horse. This article is more like if you're stuck in the country, or just what you should do while you wait for an ambulance.
  • Stay in quiet areas the horse is used to riding in.


  • Don't force your horse to do something it doesn't want to do. This may or may not cause it to rear, spook, bolt, and potentially injure you in the process.

Things You'll Need

  • A cell phone
  • Your friend's home phone number
  • A chair or couch or bed for your friend

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