How to React During a School Shooting

Two Methods:Wait it OutEscape

So you heard gunshots at your Work place/School? Don't worry, this brief guide can help save you and your friends lives. You have the choice to flee the building or stay and wait for police, make your choice wisely!


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    Call your local emergency services. Tell them your location, your name, how many shooters and their location(s), if shots have been fired, if people are injured or dead. (If you don't know all this info try to get someone who does)

Method 1
Wait it Out

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    Stay calm. As much as this sounds like a cliché, studies have proven that a calm mind makes better, smarter decisions than a mind in panic. If you find yourself with a group of people, make sure you all stay together. (If you can help it try to keep the group 5-7 people, see warning)
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    Immediately get somewhere safe. Be that an inner office or a classroom, wherever it is get in and lock the door (don't slam the door shut either, you're supposed to be hiding). Stack as many heavy items as you can in front of the doors and windows in your room if you have decided to wait it out.

Method 2

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    Take count. See how many people you have with you and make sure that number stays the same. As of now you are responsible for your life only you can give advise to others or have them just follow you but don't risk your life for them.
    • If possible, when moving from area to area have one person (you) go first and have the others follow one by one. This way it is less likely to be seen by the shooter(s).
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    Once you and your group have gotten close to an exit. (low window, emergency exit) Get out and run! Run as far away from the building as you can in a zig-zag pattern as to not be shot in the back.
    • Don't go back for anything, no matter what. No possession is worth your life. (Not even your cute backpack or that expensive laptop you just got)


  • In large groups of 7 or more it will be difficult to keep everyone quiet and hidden, but in a group less than 5 if you approach the shooter(s) it can be hard to over take him/them.
  • Do not pull the fire alarm and do not leave your hiding spot if you hear the fire alarm, it is the shooter(s) trying to trick you into coming out as the police would personally come find everyone.
  • This guide purposely avoids confrontation with the shooter(s) because in a situation like this you would want that as a last resort. Use deadly force, and try to use weapons you have available, even if they are improvised.

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