How to Reach to Chail (Hill Station in Himachal)

Chail, the most beautiful hill station, is happily isolated in Himachal Pradesh and has occupied 3 hills. Away from the rush of cities, it has the best experience of nature and adventurous filled.

While driving to Chail, the view is scenic and beautiful valleys of Kandaghat makes it awesome to feel the adventure of this region. Chail is quite different from other hills stations of Himachal. Once you will reach to Chail, you will come to have scenic views of Himalayas with clear views of lightnings of Shimla and Kasauli.


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    How to reach to Chai: From Chail, the closest airport is at Chandigarh which is 112 kilometers (70 mi) away. From Chandigarh, you can have a taxi or bus, which is continuously available in service.
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    Airways:From Chail, Jubbarhati Airport is the nearest airport located in Shimla, which is 45 kilometers (28 mi) away from Chail. Airport in Chandigarh is 112 kilometers (70 mi), but have regular flights to each and other hill stations.
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    Railways: Kalka is the nearest rail boarding platform from Chail. And from Delhi, the Howrah-Delhi-Kalka mail would be one of the best train to reach. It would be 2-hrs consuming ride to Chail by bus or taxi from Kalka. From Kalka Chail, a toy train runs that takes around 5 hrs to reach the location, but it takes you on ride through hills and tunnels.
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    Roadways: From Shimla, the drive to Chail is 43 kilometers (27 mi) by bus via Kufri and 61 kilometers (38 mi) via Kandaghat respectively. From Delhi, you can directly board NH1 to Ambala and NH 22 to Kandaghat. There are several buses and taxis are available to reach to Chail from Delhi, Chandigarh, Kalka, Shimla and Kandaghat.
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    Driving Directions: From Chandigarh to Chail (106 Kms, 3 hours)
    • Start driving Chandigarh via Madhya Marg, take a left after around 9 kilometers (5.6 mi) of driving, and reach to the National Highway 22/NH 22.
    • Keep driving onto NH 22, you will pass through a petrol pump in the left hand side at Pinjaur, then you will reach to Soorajpur after driving 7 more kilometres. You will drive for more 3 kilometers (1.9 mi) to reach onto NH 5 in the slight right hand side.
    • Keep driving straight onto NH 5 for more 5 kilometers (3.1 mi), and Chakki Modh will be there in the right, you will have to drive for more 19 kilometers (12 mi) on NH 5, and then take a right turn to get connected to NH 22 again.
    • Now you will have to follow the signboard for around 10 kilometers (6.2 mi). You will pass by a Salon, where you can have some refreshments at Cafe 7, Paragon and Himalayan Coffee House.
    • After refreshment, you will have to get back on NH 22 and make sure to stay on NH 22. While driving you will pass by a Pine Grove on your left, you'll need to drive 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) more, and then take turn to left at Mandir road.
    • After taking left turn, drive for more 22 kilometers (14 mi) and take right turn onto MDR 8. Once you will be on MDR 8, it will take little more time to reach to Chail.
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    Directions From Delhi (346 kms, 7 hours).
    • Start driving from Delhi to Chail, you need to drive onto GT road to get out of Delhi and then reach to NH 1.
    • You will find an Indian Oil Petrol Pump on the highway. You can have some refreshments at the Zhilmil Dhaba near Murthal for special stuffed tandoori parathas and lassi. And if you'd like to have some continental food then Oasis Resort is a better option.
    • While driving, you will find Karni lake which is located off the highway behind McDonalds. It has the boating facilities too.
    • Once you will exit NH 1, you will have to keep your eye on the signboard to reach NH 22, near Ambala.
    • Keep driving for more 53 kilometers (33 mi) on NH 22 to reach Chail, you will pass by Chandigarh where you can have some refreshments.
    • After having the refreshments, you will have to get back onto NH 22 to reach to Chakki Modh.
    • Now take a right turn and keep driving for more 36 kilometers (22 mi), and take a correct turn at Salon Bypass Chowk, from where you'll have to take a left turn to get on Mandir Road/ MDR 8.
    • Drive straight on MDR 8 roadways for more 24 kilometers (15 mi), and you will be at Chail.
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    Places to Stay:There are several hotels and resorts are available to stay in Chail like Chail Palace, Hotel United-21 Resort, Rashi Resort, Hotel Lions, Hotel Monaal, Grand Sunset Hotel, Pinewood Hotel, etc.


  • Small Dhabas to enjoy the dishes.
  • Himachali Kadi is the most popular dish for Vegetarians.
  • Enjoy the best meal at Chail Palace that offers a typical cuisines.
  • Multi-cuisines at Grand Sunset.


  • Being in Chail, just be careful from the monkeys who can prove to dangerous.

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