How to Raise Zebras

Two Methods:Applying for a ZebraTaking Care of Zebras

Zebras are an unusual pet but that doesn't mean that no one can have one as a pet! They are awesome creatures with amazing stripe patterns.

Method 1
Applying for a Zebra

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    Ask your family, relatives, neighbors, your community, and others if they are okay with having a zebra. If something bad happens to the zebra, all the responsibility is yours. Make sure you read all the rules of your country/state for owning a zebra before applying one.
    • Make sure you don't apply an endangered or rare species of zebras.
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    Applying for a zebra is usually very hard. You have to have at least 2 years of experience for caring exotic animals (including one year for the animal you want to own, which, in this case, is the zebra). You will also need to be interviewed, including everyone in your family about zebras, so be prepared. Don't forget that your house needs to be suitable for a zebra.
    • Zebras can only be pets in some states only. If you have a zebra as an illegal pet, huge penalties may apply.
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    See if you have the right amount of money and requirements. You'll need $3000 - $7000 for only one zebra. You'll need a huge property enough to fit one zebra. It's great if you actually live in the safari rather than the city. You'll also need to build a huge and strong fence around the area so they don't escape.
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    If you can't wait to buy a zebra, move to West Virginia or Wisconsin. These two states have only a few restrictions on exotic-pet ownership, and you don't need permission from the local governments to start a zebra farm.

Method 2
Taking Care of Zebras

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    Zebras are known to be herding animals so it's better if you buy a pair of zebras so the zebra won't stress out. It's even better if you have more than two, but you need a lot of money and time to take care of them. They will show affection to each other when they groom each other with their teeth, etc.
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    You'll need lots of grass for them to graze. Zebras are fast eaters so you'll need a lot of grass. Provide them with fresh grass because some zebras only will eat the best grass. If you don't enough good condition grass, provide them with other things such as hay, alfalfa, shrubs, herbs, twigs, leaves, bark or carrots. When you buy a zebra, they should give you tips on how much you should feed them.
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    You will need a huge fence around your area and a big place. Zebras really want to get out of small places, so the larger the better. You'll really need a 8-foot fence and be sure to check regularly if it needs repairs.
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    Be prepared for infectious diseases. Zebras are very prone to infectious diseases such as rabies and tetanus so vaccinate them before buying them. If they are infected, be sure to bring them to a vet for treatment.
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    During Winter, ensure that they receive enough heat. Some countries have very cold climates so it is recommended to have zebra pets there. Zebras are known to die in very cold climates so let them stay inside a shed or barn, paddock or house where there is enough heat. Check constantly if they are in danger of hypothermia because they are accustomed to the climate of Africa.
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    Be ready when they turn violent. If you annoy them or if they are angry at you, they can attack you. They usually attack you with their teeth or kick you with their hooves. When owning a zebra and looking after one, it's always better to have more than 4 people so they could help you out during a fight. Never look at a zebra alone.
    • If you do get attacked, it best to run or flee from the scene so you aren't seriously injured.
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    Check if your zebra is in good condition and body-shape. Check it's weight, height etc. Bring it to a vet often. Males zebras are usually bigger than females. Don't forget to solve the problem!
    • Its average body length should be 6–8.5 feet (2.6 m).
      • 50–52 inches (132.1 cm) at the shoulder.
      • A 18-inch tail.
    • It should weigh about 770 pounds (350 kg).
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    Show affection to your zebra. This is the most significant step. If you don't show affection then what's the point of owning a zebra? You can groom it, hug it etc. to show simple affection. Just provide them with everything they need an great quality food.


  • It's better if you have 4 or more people look after the zebra.
  • Zebras sleep standing up.


  • Zebras can escape when other animals attack your fence too.
  • Zebras can attack.
  • It's never a good idea to look after one if you're not experienced.

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