How to Raise Money for a Honeymoon

Depending on the nature and scope of the vacation, a honeymoon can be a costly part of the wedding plans. Therefore, finding money for honeymoon vacations takes some consideration and effort, just as with planning other aspects of a wedding. There are a number of ways you may go about securing funds for the honeymoon you desire. Follow these instructions to raise money for a honeymoon.


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    Ask for donations. You may opt to specify that you prefer wedding guests to contribute to your honeymoon fund in lieu of giving gifts, or you may place a donation jar in plain sight at the wedding reception.
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    Work more. You don't have to commit to working 2 full-time jobs for an indefinite period of time, but taking a part-time job, clocking in as many overtime hours as you can or accepting piece-meal side work for just a few months before the wedding can be a great way to raise money for honeymoon vacations.
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    Sell what you don't need. Clean out your home of everything you don't use, and tell your fiance(e) to do the same.
    • Advertise your honeymoon fund garage sale by placing flyers on local bulletin boards and by posting ads in newspapers and free online classifieds.
    • If you have leftovers from your garage sale, or if you prefer to make your offerings available to a broader market, you may opt to post listings on web auction sites like eBay.
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    Organize a money dance at the reception. Also called the "dollar dance," this traditional wedding dance originated with the Polish and Italian immigrants in early America. It continues to be a wedding reception staple, and is a great way to raise money for honeymoon plans.
    • Have the DJ announce the commencement of the money dance and invite guests to dance with the bride and/or groom.
    • Those who participate in the dollar dance make a cash offering, which is usually pinned to sashes that the bride and groom wear, or is held in a purse carried by the best man or maid of honor.
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    Set up a honeymoon registry with your favorite store.. This method is perhaps the most official way of acquiring outside contributions toward your honeymoon.
    • Plan your honeymoon down to every last detail. For example, your registry can include everything from the plane tickets to hotel costs, so it is helpful to have an itinerary as a guide for creating your honeymoon wish list.
    • Search the Internet for websites that guide you through setting up a honeymoon registry and host your registry site for a small fee.
    • Upload pictures and write descriptions of each of the items that you wish to be covered by your honeymoon fund. If your honeymoon is NOT all-inclusive, add optional services, like spa treatments.
    • You will be given your own registry website that you can include on all of your wedding-related correspondences.


  • You can also go to your bank and ask about how to open a honeymoon savings fund.


  • Plan to save money for your honeymoon at least 1 to 2 years in advance so you won't have to worry about lack of funds.

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