How to Raise Gray Tree Frogs

This is a step by step guide on how to care for gray tree frogs, from tadpole through to the adulthood stage.


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    Find the frog eggs. In spring walk around areas where there is plenty of water like swamps, creeks, ponds (pools are a popular gray tree-frog breeding area). Look out for small black dots with a slight yellow around them these are the eggs. (Search online for a gray tree frog tadpoles and eggs to help you identify them.)
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    Scoop up some eggs. Once you have found your eggs, grab a cup or Tupperware container and scoop the eggs up make sure you have the water with them. Then transport them back to your house.
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    House the eggs. This is pretty easy grab a large bin that can hold water and fill it about 4 or 5 inches with water (preferably pond water). Place the eggs in the bin. Leave the bin inside where the sun shines, such as near a window but don't allow it to get too hot.
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    Check on the eggs every day. When you start to see the eggs hatch into tadpoles, bring the bin outside. Place the bin in direct sunlight (heat helps them develop faster) and place the rocks on one side of the bin to make a platform (so that when the morph into frogs they can be on land). Place small sticks into the bin so the tadpoles can get out of the sun and thermo-regulate themselves.
    • It would be best to place mesh onto the top of the bin so the frogs can't escape and predators can't get into the bin.
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    Feed your tadpoles. This is pretty simple. Place cheerios, dog kibble and some cat food (all dry) into the water for the tadpoles to nibble on.[citation needed] Only put a few into the container. Check on the tadpoles to make sure they have food and ample cover to hide from the sun.
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    In a few weeks your tadpoles will begin to grow legs and morph into froglets. Keep these froglets into the bin until about half their tail is gone. Move these frogs and froglets into a small container like a Critter Keeper or a small 5-gallon tank with ample foliage and a water bowl.
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    Take the frogs out every two to three days. Feed them two to three pinhead crickets each or five or six small waxworms. The frogs will eventually start growing to their full size which is about 2 inches.
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    House the frogs properly. A 20-gallon tank with foliage and sticks to climb on is good for about 3 full size tree frogs. They don't move in daytime but at night they use all of the space provided.


  • Try not to keep the frogs in your room or near where you are sleeping because they do their signature call at night during spring for mating season.

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