How to Raise Earth Day Awareness

Earth Day falls on April 22nd every year. The first Earth Day, in 1970, was a successful endeavor. It led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency and passage of the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act. Although these were large steps in environmental protection, there is still plenty of work to be done to reduce wastefulness and encourage alternate energy and consumption. Today, the most successful plans to raise awareness about the environment help to change people's habits all year long. If you want to make an impact in your area, then plan events to attract many people in your school, region or work. You can use art, transportation, incentives, exercise and more to spark interest in Earth Day. Find out how to raise Earth Day awareness.


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    Start an Earth Day task force at your work, school or in your neighborhood. Getting large organizations involved in Earth Day activities usually takes a month to a year of planning. Consult your boss or organize a meeting to discuss budget, incentives and sponsorships.
    • Ask your work to create an incentive program for transportation to work that does not use fossil fuels. Many cities and companies hold week or month-long competitions for people who bike, walk, take the bus or carpool. Support a year-long incentive program to reward employees who choose these methods on a regular basis. Hold regular bike-to-work days, or host a barbecue at lunch for people who qualify.
    • Encourage sponsorship with local businesses as you promote Earth Day events. Many businesses give sustainability initiatives and charity donations. Ask a business to fund your project and use their expertise to promote it in the community.
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    Use art to encourage Earth Day participation. Music, fashion, crafts, films and more all draw large crowds. By planning an art-related event, you promise participants that they will be entertained as well as involved.
    • Plan a fashion show using recyclable materials. Book a venue and a prize. Send out a call for submissions to local schools, designers, artists and community members. Stipulate that all designs must be made by reusing materials. Find models who are willing to wear the designs and have them walk the runway. Ask judges to vote on the best designs, with the winner receiving the grand prize.
    • Teach craft tutorials. Find projects that reuse materials. Schedule classes in the weeks or month leading up to April 22nd. Both children and adults like to craft. Visit or to find craft ideas.
    • Host an Earth Day film series. You can do this at a local theater or at your own home. Film options include An Inconvenient Truth, Wall-E, Erin Brockovich, March of the Penguins, Food, Inc., FernGully, Planet Earth, Quantum of Solace, A Civil Action, King Corn or Who Killed the Electric Car?
    • Plan an acoustic concert. Ask local musicians to play without electricity. Gather a capella groups, bluegrass bands and other musicians to play at a block party or amphitheater. Promote the gathering a month before the event.
    • Host a nature poetry or essay reading. Many poets have been inspired by flowers, fauna and scenery. Ask everyone in your class, home or group of friends to pick a poem and read it. Gather in a park or yard where you can also be inspired for Earth Day.
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    Plan service projects to raise awareness about Earth Day. Post flyers and encourage participation throughout the community. Ask a company or organization to print t-shirts so that everyone who passes can see why the project is taking place.
    • Do a tree-planting project. Find an area of town that is lacking in trees and consult the city or county about re-foresting the area. This project can take a long time to plan, since you'll need cooperation from the city, nurseries and people.
    • Get a crew together to pick up trash in parks, on beaches or on roads and highways. Provide biodegradable trash bags and gloves.
    • Plant a community garden. This project can promote sustainable and healthy eating decisions throughout the spring, summer and fall. Coordinate with your neighborhood or local schools to host gardening classes.
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    Organize exercise activities. Many Earth Day activities can tackle environmental awareness and obesity. Do 1 activity or schedule a series.
    • Lead a nature walk. Research your surrounding area and take groups of students, adults or families on a guided walk. Point out county initiatives to preserve the area or potential threats to the local environment.
    • Start a bicycling or walking club. Aim to visit different trails in your area. Changing the way a group of people commute or travel can have a huge impact on the environment.
    • Enter a relay or contest for Earth Day. Some Earth Day marathons or Relay for Life events encourage people to enter and raise money for charity. Choose an event that raises money for an environmental charity and ask friends and family to donate money for your efforts.
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    Plan an Earth Day contest. Ask teams to get together to compete in Earth Day themed events. These events should use knowledge about sustainability to promote a change in every day habits.
    • Create a recycler's race. Gather trash and recyclables. Give each team boxes that are for recycling, reuse and landfills and time how long it takes to correctly label everything.
    • Host an Earth Day scavenger hunt. Make a list of 10 to 30 things that each team or person must do or find that support environmental causes in the week before Earth Day. For example, bike to work, plant a tree, gather rainwater or recycle plastic.
    • Gather pledges to do things for the environment during April. Encourage a wide variety of pledges and post them on a website, community board or update people via email.
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    Encourage people to do at least one thing for the environment on Earth Day at home, even small things such as using less electricity and turning the lights off when they aren't being used.

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