How to Raise a Toad

Toads are fun animals to keep as pets, but require a lot of work.


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    Catch your captive. Go out either early in the morning or at night, and look closely. Toads use camouflage, so it might be hard. They also like hiding under leaves, behind pieces of wood, and around large rocks. When you find it, scoop him up in a net or bag of some kind, and take him to his new house.
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    Set up its house. While you are setting up its house, put him in a smaller container. Take a large, storage box, aquarium, or a large, regular box. Put a couple inches of soil, or sand (they love to dig) and add some dead leaves. Put a small bowl (big so that they can waddle around in it, but the water cannot be above the head) and then, add more soil, to where the bowl surface is level with the dirt. Then, add hiding spots, like big bark against the walls, hollow logs, or plastic decorations from Petsmart, or other pets stores. Remember that you will have to put a top on. It must have air holes, or it will die.
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    Feed it properly. It is vary easy to feed, them. There are three options.
    1. Go to your pet store, and buy crickets, worms or any other live (it has to be live) insects.
    2. Go outside every day, and catch, worms, pill bugs, crickets, almost anything.
    3. Catch those insects, and breed them. Catch a lot of them, maybe 10 or 20, and put them in a container with some dirt, and a lot of food, soon they will lay eggs, and you can feed the babies to them. There is no way you could over feed them, they can eat 1,000 insects in one day, and still be hungry. Feed your toad daily.
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    Keep their container clean. Change the soil when it smells bad , every day add new food, and when you see the water becoming dirty, change it. It's best to use pond water or use all natural spring water, not tap water. Consider taking them outside for exercise daily, and maybe making a playpen out of wood or buying one at a pet store. If you get one from a pet store, watch your pet closely to make sure that he/she does not get a head or arm stuck in the bars.


  • Male toads are smaller and have black throats. Females are larger and have throats that are the same color as their stomachs. Males will sometimes squeak.
  • Spray your toads with a mist sprayer, since they absorb water.
  • If it urinates on you, it will most likely not give you warts, do not drop it. Put it in a container, and wash your hands immediately, to prevent any disease infection.


  • They may carry diseases so wash your hands after handling your toad.

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