How to Race Well in Forza 2

The new Forza 2 game is labeled as a "sim racer" which means that the physics models and reactions of the vehicles on the track are meant to represent real life reactions. This also means that controlling the car and manipulating its movements are generally more difficult than an "arcade racer".


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    Choose a region that you are interested in. There are three regions, Asia, Europe, and North America. For example, if you like muscle cars, go for NA. If you want tunes (supras, skylines) go for Asia and etc. Each has a long list of cars available for purchase and each has different attributes which make them an enjoyable place to represent.
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    Set your difficulty. There are four major difficulty settings, but once selected you can go back and change any specific setting later. You earn extra money for having more difficult settings (up to 50% extra) but it also makes controlling the car harder.
    • The suggested brake line is helpful as it lets you know the optimal time to brake and gives you a good line around the corner.
    • ABS gives you anti-lock brakes, but you lose 10% of the money with it enabled, It really depends on how you brake, all it really does is keep your wheels from locking up and not letting you turn while braking.
    • TCS allows you to stomp on the gas with less fear of spinning out. It regulates your throttle so your tires don't spin.
    • STM also reduces the risk of spinning out; it controls the 'attitude' of the car by applying brakes to individual tires as you get sideways in a corner.
    • Tire wear and gas should be set to simulation as these do not become a problem until you get to endurance races, but by then you should be familiar enough to have your car setup well.
    • Damage difficulty allows your vehicle to get beat up (or not). Simulation means if you run into enough things you can make it so your car will hardly run. Limited allows your components to only be damaged to 50%. You can also disable damage all together.
    • AI difficulty should be raised or lowered depending on how well you do in races. Higher difficulty means you get more money, but you better have very good vehicle control or a lot better car.
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    Practice cornering. There are five important parts to a corner:
    • Braking point: this is the part of the straight before corner where you have a set location to start braking. This will vary depending on the vehicle you are using and speed you are traveling, but after a couple laps on a track, you should have this location nailed down. Without ABS, you should practice stopping your car in the shortest distance which is surprisingly close to real life.
    • Braking: just as in real life you need to separate your braking from your cornering. Even with ABS, braking in the corner will reduce how tightly the car can make the corner. Also, be sure to roll on the brake, as it will allow the weight transfer to reduce the stopping distance. Be sure you brake enough to slow down before you get to your turn in point.
    • Turn in point: this is the location that you start your turn. You want to start the turn in on the outside of the corner. At this point you want to roll off the brake (just letting go will disrupt your vehicle's balance), and roll the steering wheel into the corner (all the way).
    • Corner: You want to find the correct speed and turn in point to be able to apex the corner (the apex in a simple corner is the half-way mark on the inner side of the corner). The exterior-apex-exterior corner allows for the greatest speed to be carried through the corner, thus less braking, less accelerating, and ultimately faster lap times. In the corner, you want to give the vehicle enough gas to maintain the same speed, any speeding up, or slowing down will reduce the maximum available traction.
    • Accelerate out of the corner. Depending on how powerful your car is and whether or not you have TCS and/or STM enabled you will want to wait until you are aimed in a straight line before you stomp on the gas. If giving it gas on the exit of the corner, you want to roll on the gas smoothly to not rob any turning traction from your car.
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    Use tricks to help your imperfect corner. While you try to get a perfect corner in, it is very difficult to do.
    • As you enter the corner, if you see you are going too fast, you should tap the brakes early in the corner. This will temporarily reduce some under steer in the corner and reduce your speed which will allow you to take a tighter corner.
    • Use the throttle to steer. This takes a lot of practice and is hard to explain, but it is extremely important especially in long corners and sweepers. Turn in to the corner with the stick (steering wheel) all the way in. Use the amount of gas to adjust where you are in the corner. Less gas (less speed) will allow your vehicle to take the corner tighter, while more gas will do quite the opposite. Feathering the throttle in or out will keep you on the track, but remember that the reaction is somewhat delayed, so keep on top of your speed in the corners!
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    Upgrade your car often. Based on the amount of money you are getting in races, you should upgrade your car to help beat a circuit.
    • Don't buy any cars unless you have plenty of money. Especially early in the game, you will be able to race in a few circuits, and the cars you win in those circuits you can use in other circuits. The longer, more advanced races will give you more money, but will also require much more specific cars. This is when you should buy cars specifically for a race.
    • Upgrades can be taken off or sold if need be. A lot of the later races require a specific class of car, or specific horsepower. You many need to remove upgrades to fit into a lower class. For the horsepower-limited races, be sure to have as many maneuverability upgrades as possible to make the race easier.
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    The best car for going round corners will be the American team Honda car, buy it from the auction and it should come with adjustable parts. Be amazed but follow the top bit of this article and see how to take corners easily, this should make a difference to your corners.


  • If you are having problems with getting a customized car around corners, try messing with the tuning or aim for a late apex. This is when you touch the inside of the corner later than the middle of the corner.
  • What you want to do is upgrade your car(power & handling) so it is just above 841 and is about 845 or 850. That way you can start 1st or 2nd on the grid and it is competitive racing without it being frustrating and hard. If you don't upgrade it then choose Medium AI difficulty though I recommend the previous upgrade method.
  • If you win lots of races with line assist on, turn it off and practice by memorising the tracks. don't worry if you suck at it first. Practice will make perfect and then you can become the Stig...on the Xbox that is.
  • The fastest way around multiple corners in succession may not be exterior-apex-exterior. In tight s-turns, exterior-late apex-interior (the interior becomes the exterior of the next corner) then exterior-apex-exterior.
  • The tip to win a race is to upgrade your car. For example if you are racing in American Class A Regionals check the event menu for the cars. The fastest car in the event has a PI of about 841.


  • Perfection is not always a problem with knowing how to execute a turn, car control plays a big part in how well you execute the turn.
  • When racing with other cars, be sure to not hit them. Both human and AI racers do not take kindly to it, and may have it out for you in a later corner!

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