How to Quit Smoking Using Reading

Smoking is an unbelievably addictive habit that is difficult to give up. Smoking is so appealing that It calms, providing a relaxing moment that takes you away from the world. This "trance" makes it twice as hard to quit smoking. The solution to quitting smoking is in reading.


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    Get a book (any genre) that interests you. When you smoke, problems don't seem to matter any more, right? The first step to quitting smoking is by reading. Reading is the way to distract yourself from your addiction.
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    Read your book every time you feel the need to smoke. If you smoke a pack of twenty a day, that's twenty times you need to grab your book instead. Replace smoking with reading. This will halve the number of cigarettes you smoke
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    Ask non-smokers why they don't smoke. Maybe they never started or maybe they realized it was harmful to them and their families. Think ab.\ why they don't smoke, and come to your own realizations.
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    Increase how often you read and in turn reduce the frequency of times you smoke.. Eventually you will achieve the stage where you don't smoke at all
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    Do not relapse. This is most important of all. It's too easy to return to an old habit. If you find that happening, get support from friends and family and find a hobby you can do, instead.


  • Stay focused! Think about what's going on in the book and don't get side-tracked into thinking about that next cigarette.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables! You will develop a positive outlook on yourself, and feel healthier simply by eating healthier food. You will slowly feel that smoking is totally pointless and disgusting.
  • Motivate yourself! Think of all the benefits of not being a smoker. Reward yourself.


  • Don't quit cold turkey. Too many withdrawal problems. Instead, start off slow. Cut it down first immediately to smoking a half a pack a day mixed in with a half a pack of reading a day. Smoke on a 5 min break the next time read on a 5 min break. It's plain and simple.
  • 2. Read the new Surgeon General's Warning. "Quitting smoking now greatly reduces serious risks to your health." Is that not enough evidence right there? They are telling you "Pay us and we will kill you faster" It's a basic legal form of slow suicide the government issues for weak people. Think about it.

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