How to Quit Smoking at a Young Age

Young people smoke. Some people start smoking at as young as eight years old. Some reasons include that their girlfriend/boyfriend is angry with them, or they are in hypertension or depression, or many other reasons. Even if they want to quit, quitting smoking is very hard. The first few weeks can be really tough, but if you have the will power, remember that you can do it! Stopping smoking is hard for anyone. It can be hard for a younger person for different reasons than it's hard for an older person. This article explains in detail how to quit smoking at a young age. Get started at step one below.


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    Divert your mind from smoking. Go to movies, spend time with your girlfriend/boyfriend, go to a spa or gym, workout for yourself, or do anything that you like, such as a hobby.
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    Keep something handy in case you get an urge to smoke. Always keep chewing gum, a lollipop, or a water bottle on hand because when you think you need to smoke, you can use those instead.
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    Stay with a friend who encourages you to quit smoking. Praising will help you.
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    Ask for help if you need it. Talk to someone, like a parent, friend, school nurse, doctor, counselor, or anybody you trust. Having someone to help can inspire you to quit smoking.
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    Keep it up. The only way to quit is to make a long-term commitment. Keep encouraging yourself as well.
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    Realize the benefits of giving up. If you are buying your cigarettes, you'll save money not smoking. If you steal them or buy them underage, you'll stop breaking the law if you quit. Your health will improve if you stop smoking and you will be at less risk of lung cancer and oral cancer and throat cancer. You won't smell like an ashtray most of the time if you stop smoking.
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    Don't get into the habit again after quitting. If you succeed, then you'll be much happier with yourself!


  • If you feel the need to have a cigarette, imagine the tar and carcinogens flowing your lung cells, and remember how awful it is for people to choke to death in their own sleep.
  • You may have some problems while you're trying to quit smoking. This is OK, and it happens with everyone. You'll get used to it when you completely quit.
  • After quitting, treat yourself. You deserve it.
  • Watch out for peer pressure. At a young age, peers that you look up to or are "popular" might pressure you to smoke. Simply remind yourself how much better off you are without smoking.
  • Always think "I can do it".
  • Your future may be better as long as there's breath and there's hope. Consider checking into learning, being inspired and encouraged by reading examples in real life stories of how young persons have been helped with quitting smoking, even an addiction to or strong habit of smoking. Do you believe that addictions may be broken through your faith? You say "I don't know." Well, here's a way to try to find out.


  • Smoking is illegal under the age of 18 (In most places. It isn't illegal in Canada. You can smoke when a toddler, but you have to steal the cigarettes or find someone to get your cigarettes illegally). Remember this when you are trying to quit.
  • If you snuck in a cigarette, tell the truth. Don't hide it, because it can be the beginning towards smoking again, which you would not want to happen.

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