How to Quieten Water Pipes

Ooh, what's that going "bump" in the middle of the night? And day too?! Water pipes that have been poorly installed can rattle and bang against anything next to them and the floor joists, creating a big racket in your home. Here is the handy person's solution.


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    Locate the troublesome pipes. You will need to find where the rattling pipes are and you need to be able to access them for this solution. If this is not possible, you may need to call in professional assistance.
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    Select appropriate pipe wrapping. This is the solution. You can use a number of items to wrap the pipes, including old inner tubes, rubber blanketing material, garden hoses etc. If there are any issues concerning fire-proofing, ask for assistance from your hardware store.
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    Wrap the pipes. Cut the material that you are using to wrap the pipes to the required length. Wrap it around the relevant pipes and make sure that the pipes are completely covered. Tie on if necessary.
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    Attach the wrapping material to the floor joists or similar solid object using nail-on metal pipe strapping.
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    Continue covering the area affected. Usually the pipes affected will be over quite an area. You may not need to wrap every part of the pipe structure; sometimes it is sufficient to wrap every few feet or metres to silence the pipes effectively.

Things You'll Need

  • Ability to access pipes area
  • Pipe wrapping material - e.g., rubber blanket, garden hose, old inner tubes etc., or ask at your local hardware store for ideas
  • Nail-on metal pipe strapping

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