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Get people to hear you. If you are a musician or singer and you compose music, you probably do it for someone to hear what you do. Let the internet be of your help. Learn how to put your music online for the whole world to hear. allows you to upload tracks to share and even collaborate with other artists. Know any other good sites? Add them.


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    Decide what you want your music to do. Are you doing it for professional purposes or are you doing it as a hobby? If you are doing it professionally, you would be interested in selling your music online.
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    Decide what suits you. There are various options for putting you music online with various cost structures. You might want to just upload you music to an existing website that gives you your own page. This is mostly free. Or, you might want to start a dedicated website. What you choose depends on how much you are ready to spend and what you intend to do with your music.
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    Plan out everything. If you are to sell your CDs, then you have to think of many things at once. Who will design and print the CD covers? Who will replicate the CDs? How will you accept payment? These considerations are important.
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    Put it all together. Now that you have done the planing and all, you need to kick-off. Design your own website, find a good hosting service and make it available to the world. Or, register at a free site like moture and put your music there.
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    Spread the word. For people to come to your page, they have to know that it exists. Tell your friends. E-Mail those whom you know. These can be chat friends, classmates or anyone else.
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    Don't forget that, if you're just doing it for fun and want people to enjoy it, you would want to consider putting it on P2P sites like Mininova and The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay often supports bands who release their music on P2P.
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    Constantly update your content. Keep providing new music and add-ons on your webpage. Search engines love to show webpages that are frequently updated.


  • If you want to sell CDs, provide only demo versions of your music or only certain tracks as full.
  • Register for an online payment system like PayPal. This will make your selling experience much easier.
  • Always exploit the option of a full-fledged website instead of an artist's page on free websites.


  • If your music has offensive contents(lyrics) as in hardcore rap songs etc. specify it beforehand.
  • Do not upload any copyrighted content on your website/webpage. Put only the work that is your 100% original or for which you have the rights.

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