How to Put Missing Pet Ads Online

Have you lost your beloved pet? Posting fliers around your neighborhood and knocking on neighbors' doors is a good first step to finding your missing pet, but putting an ad online can get your message out to wider audience.


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    Find a recent picture of your pet. If necessary, crop and adjust it using your computer's photo software. Ideally, provide a close-up shot and an image of the full body.
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    Plan where you're going to post your notice. Use of online message boards and listing services varies between countries and regions. Craigslist is a common and popular choice, but searching online for "missing pets" and "lost pets" can provide you with some good options in your area.
    • You can also post it on social media sites. Consider using your Facebook, Twitter, and other sites to spread the word amongst your friends and neighbors.
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    Draft your ad. Before you get to posting, write a rough draft.
    • Use an attention-getting title. Write "Missing!" Or "Lost!" make it bold if you can, it'll make it extremely noticeable.
    • Add some details in a clear description. Include the name, height, weight, color, and any distinguishing features.
    • Include any medical conditions or special behaviors the pet may have.
    • Make your contact information prominent. Include your home phone number or a cell phone number, or at least an email address. If you're comfortable receiving text messages, say so.
    • If you plan to have a reward, like $50, add that in, too!
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    Copyedit and proofread your ad. Pay special attention to your contact information to make sure all phone numbers and addresses are correct.
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    Post to the relevant forums. Don't forget to attach or embed your image, and include contact information! Make sure you're available to answer any responses you get from people who see your ad.


  • Be careful when looking for your pet. There might be scams, but don't give up if your pet hasn't been found or no one has called in. Keep Looking!

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