How to Put a Theme to Your Bedroom

Are you ready for a new bedroom? Or is your bedroom just to babyish or mismatched? Sounds like your bedroom needs a cool theme for you to work with!


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    Choose a theme that you feel passionate about. Even if you just want a theme with certain colors, make sure you love those colors. If you want your theme to be animals, make sure you love animals enough so that you can deal with and look at them every day.
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    Choose a theme that you will like for a long time. Don't just choose a theme that's "in" right now. If you go to the trouble to make your bedroom a specific theme, stick with it so that next week, you'll still love it. You can always add or take away a few pieces of furniture from your theme, but you won't want to constantly redo your room. It's expensive and takes a long time!
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    Try choosing a theme that you can shop for locally. That might sound weird, but really means a lot! It will be much easier for you if you can shop for everything right in your city. Remember that vintage shop? Maybe they'll have some cool decorations or accessories for you to try. But not only that, it will save you a ton of time and money.
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    Make sure your theme fits within your room space. Some themes need a larger space to really pull you in and make you FEEL the theme. Other themes work best with small or medium sized rooms. Make sure that all your themed furniture, wall decals, and accessories all can fit without looking to crowded or cramped.
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    Choose a theme that falls in your budget range. Assuming you don't have hundreds and thousands to spend, you will need a budget for your dream room. Price everything out, down to last little detail to make sure that you will have enough money for your room.
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    Choose a theme that can keep you comfy. Who wants a room that is great to look at, but is uncomfortable to live in? You have to work it out so that you can get both.
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    Don't know which theme you want? Here are some ideas:
    • Beach
    • Hawaiian
    • Recycling
    • Cartoon Character (Hello Kitty, etc.)
    • Lego theme
    • Video game(s)
    • Favorite movie/TV show
    • A certain color/colors
    • Sewing
    • Friends
    • Movie set
    • '50s, '60s, '70s, etc.
    • Garden/Flowers
    • Underwater
    • Sports (football, soccer, baseball, hockey, etc.)
    • A famous person
    • Butterflies
    • A certain pattern like stripes or polka dots
    • Starry night
    • A certain holiday (Halloween, Christmas, 4th of July, etc.)
    • Musical
    • Specific instrument (guitar, piano, flute, etc.)
    • Library (cool room color with several bookshelves full of books)
    • Cooking
    • Vintage
    • Woodsy (most furniture made of wood)
    • Western
    • Country
    • Sailor
    • Boat (water, beach, sailboats)
    • Pirate
    • Princess
    • Royal
    • Chic
    • Quotes (put wall decals of quotes all over the walls)
    • Outdoors
    • Camping
    • Indian/Natives
    • Animals
    • Zoo
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    Have fun finding your passion and room!


  • Stick to your budget
  • Ask for help when painting or moving anything
  • make sure it fits your age


  • If you live in an apartment or with your parents, you may need to ask before doing a full makeover
  • If something isn't installed properly, it could break and hurt you!

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