How to Pump Up a Flat Workout

When your workout goes haywire and your heart drops out of the pace, what do you do? You choose to re-energize and redirect the workout rather than lose heart and give up on it.


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    Realign your workout priorities. If you have taken on exercises that you simply hate or find too difficult or painful, it may be time to drop them and to seek new styles of exercising. Workouts are not supposed to constantly hurt or bore you - they are supposed to be energizing, pumping and even fun. Seek advice from a coach, instructor, workout manuals or your own heart.
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    Get with friends! Having friends to workout with will make it a lot more energizing and motivating than exercising alone. The added bonus is that you will compel each other by arranging meeting times and by setting goals with each other. And it can finish in the juice bar for a good chat afterwards.
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    Vary your workout by adding objects. Have you considered adding walking poles to a fast walk or a weighted vest? Walking poles will assist your stride and increase the intensity of the workout without you really noticing. Muscle usage increases by adding poles and the resistance that they provide is fabulous for the arm, chest, shoulder and back muscles. A weighted vest will be far easier to wear than carrying weights and yet you get the same benefit from wearing it.
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    Set exercise goals and review them regularly. It helps to set goals and keep tabs on how far you are progressing. This will provide you with excellent motivation for carrying the exercise program further and helps to pump up the pace.
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    Add music. If you don't already use music to work out to, try it. Music gives you rhythm, beat and pace. You can easily become lost in the music as you work out and before you know it, time's up!
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    Reassess the workout if it continues to bother you. If you still are not enjoying yourself in spite of making changes, it might be time to reassess the type of workout completely. Perhaps you need a sport of some sort or even a break. Seek professional advice if you are unsure - there are fitness instructors, doctors and athletes who can all assist your planning.


  • Always keep water handy when you work out.
  • Make music mixes when you are resting at night. Choose favorite songs with a good rhythm. Vary the music mixes to prevent boredom setting in.
  • If you exercise with a friend or a group of people, get the other person(s) to suggest his or her own workout ideas. In turn, suggest yours and trade ideas. This will provide more scope and interest to your workouts together.


  • Always deal with pain when it arises. Do not wait for an injury or pain to increase before seeking help. The sooner you mend, the stronger you will be; otherwise, you could be in for lifelong damage if you try to push too hard.

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