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T posts can be one of your best options for building a fence. They don't require any digging; they're made to be pounded into the ground, and stay in the ground. But this can be a problem if you put one (or many) in the wrong place.


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    Tie your rope several times around the end of the plank.
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    Tie the other end of the rope several times around the base of the T post, as close to the ground as possible. Make sure there is enough rope between the post and the plank to put the plank on top of the fulcrum.
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    Set up your fulcrum about 6 inches (15.2 cm) from the base of the T post, and put the plank on top of it. It works best if the plank is resting horizontally on top of the fulcrum, rather than vertically, but the length of your rope may require you to do it vertically.
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    Push down on the far end of the plank. Be very careful while doing this; if one thing slips, you could injure yourself. Watch the fulcrum to make sure that it does not start to lean.
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    Raise the height of the fulcrum once the end of the plank touches the ground, and then try again.d then you can probably just pull it up with your hands. This can also be dangerous; T posts are kind of heavy, and they have some sharp edges. Be careful, and be sure to pull straight up. If it doesn't want to move, wiggle it a little, then try again.


  • While wetting the ground around the T post eases the process, one must pay extra attention to the fulcrum, which runs the risk of sinking into the ground.
  • As stated in the steps, this can be pretty dangerous. Use common sense; know where all the force is, and don't get in the way of it.
  • You can drill a couple of holes into the bottom of a five gallon bucket, both on the same side. Plug with whatever you have handy. Set the bucket at the base of the post and let the water drain out into the ground. You may need more than five gallons to soak deep enough to loosen the barb. It also might help to have several filled and waiting to refill your "soaker bucket" if you are doing more than one post.
  • When the lever touches the ground, just wrap extra rope around the lever instead of changing the height of the fulcrum.

Things You'll Need

  • A wooden plank, at least 2"X6"X6'
  • About 10' of good, sturdy rope
  • Some kind of fulcrum, anything about 16" high
  • A stubborn T post that won't come out of the ground
  • Water (optional)
  • Bucket with holes drilled into one side of the bottom
  • More buckets of water to refill your soaker bucket

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