How to Publish a Spiritual Book

Have you always seen yourself as a visionary? A person of deep faith and conviction? Someone with ideas about God to share with the world? Maybe a career in spiritual writing is for you. Here's how you can get a published spiritual text without having to give up your "mundane" life.


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    Decide on the topic.
    • A book about astral projection & a book about Christian eschatology are going to be very different books, and some philosophy must connect all the concepts to prevent readers from asking what Tarot readings have to do with supporting Israel.
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    Don't make exaggerated promises about your book.
    • Many talented and otherwise credible authors in the metaphysical field, such as Walsh, David Icke, and Alex Morrey have made grand, sweeping promises of truth & enlightenment that some readers find utopian or exclusivist. It's better to have a down-to-earth attitude about your own writings, while still respecting their spiritual nature.
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    Know thyself.
    • Think about your own spiritual experiences and reflect on their nature and message. Did you have a near-death experience? A prophetic dream? Even a sudden "lightbulb" moment while perusing a book such as Descartes's Meditations or the Quran can lead to a sort of revelation. Heck,something you remember from camping in your backyard as a kid can be inspirational.
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    Consolidate your beliefs.
    • Once you realize what you've learned spiritually over your life and how you reached that point, explain it clearly & simply. Illustration and conversational language help, '"especially"' with solemn topics!
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    Explain the practical side of your insight.
    • You've got past the theory, now it's time for the practice. How can someone help themselves by applying your teachings to their life? It's important to explain how your lessons can help in life, or else your book wouldn't be very pragmatic for readers.
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    Get published.
    • No one can read your book if nobody gets it published. If you're the D.I.Y. type, you could publish it independently, but if not, there are many big publishers interested in spiritual literature.
    • Usually, they specialize in certain types of spiritual writing.
    • Llewelyn & Weiser are good for Neopagan books, whereas Zondervan & Pilgrim are focused on traditionalist Christian books, Deseret on Mormon literature, and Judaica for Jewish books. Secular publishers also usually accept spiritual books.


  • Choose a memorable name and cover which evoke the mood and lesson of your book. For an example Hardcore Zen seems like an iconoclastic, unorthodox text full of attitude, whereas The Bodhisattva Vow sounds like a more placid, scholarly and mainstream Eastern work.


  • Never write about philosophy or religion to make a buck. Consumerism is against the point of spiritual literature.
  • Don't preach intolerance. Talking about eternal torment and railing against gay folks in a book about Endless Divine Love isn't just hypocrisy, it's discrimination.

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