How to Protect Your Quarterback

When the ball is snapped, the Offences backfield becomes crowded and a Linebacker or Line-man might get through a gap. If there weren't Running backs, Tailbacks or Halfbacks the Quarterback would have been an easy target when blitzed. Here's how you protect your Quarterback as a RB, HB or TB.


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    Before checking the snap look at the defense position. Look at the Linebackers, if they are close to the end of the Offensive line, they might blitz and this is what you have to be aware of. Stay Focused!
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    Hover a gap. When the ball is snapped there might be open gaps for the blitz to take place. This is where you need to be placed, but still keep a vision of both ends of the O-line and of course your quarterback.
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    Come low. When a blitz is coming through, and the Quarterback haven't yet released the ball you must be in a position to block the person to the outside of the Quarterback. Come low, look up and point your nose at his jersey numbers, and wrap your arms up around his chest (Do not grab hold of them) that will be considered "Holding" and will give you a penalty.
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    Drive your feet/Keep moving. If you stand still when you block, he will get out of it quickly, which is not supposed to happen. Drive your feet along to the side of his momentum, if he goes to your right put your right foot with him and drive him around in a circle (around the Quarterback), same with the left. If he goes left, open your left leg to the left of your hip and drive him around.
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    Be aware of a hurdle or a juke move. The most effective way to get hold of an oncoming person who's trying to juke you, is to look at his hip. The hip is the only part which is not moving in any surprising direction. Go for the hip, though, don't wrap him and smash him to the ground. But stay in a 90 degree stance (Linebacker stance), and watch his hip, if done correctly, you will hit him anyway because you followed his hip, not his legs.
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    Go for the shoulders. If it is impossible for you to attack his chest, go for his shoulders. Before you attack, stay still, low and drive your arms down the side, and shoot him up on his shoulders, don't push right on the shoulders, it may be considered as unsportsmanlike. Push upwards.
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    The cut tackle. The cut tackling is very effective when you're on a Play Action or an ISO Run. When doing the cut tackling, you have to make sure that the person you've got covered is blitzing (coming down to the backfield), if you cut tackle someone unnecessarily up the field it may end as penalty.
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    Be aware of punches. By punches he will try to knock your arms away. This is the worst part of blocking, if you get hit by him before you even make the block. If you want to do it correctly, you must come low otherwise he will punch you out of his way. If this happens, just hurry up and try again really fast, if not you better hope your Quarterback has released the ball.


  • If you're on a senior team, do bench press to perform a better block.
  • If on a Pee Wee team, try simple chest workouts like push ups.
  • Make a read step when reading a play from the defensive side, this will give you a reaction time boost if a blitz is coming.
  • Block and release is simple, make the read step. If no one is coming through, begin running on your route which is most likely a wheel, or hitch to curl route.
  • Stay by the side of your quarterback. On a play action, you might wanna block his right or left side.


  • Stay away from the Quarterbacks vision, it might block his vision of the field.
  • Always look up, never look down when blocking as it can cause concussions or worse.
  • Always make sure you're lower than the opponent, if not you might get run over.
  • Keep your back straight up. Do not bow it, as it again is very dangerous.

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