How to Protect Pets from Your Home Paper Shredder

A home paper shredder is a very useful item in the home office. However, it can also be a very attractive item to a curious pet and one that could lead to serious injury. To avoid the possibility, here are some easy things to do to prevent it from being so attractive to your pet.


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    Turn the shredder off and unplug it from the wall when not in use. The shredder should only be on when you are present. This way, all the blinking lights, fascinating noises, and any chance of it working while nobody is present are completely removed.
    • Never leave a shredder on an automatic setting. At home, this should never be needed.
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    Place the shredder where your pet cannot get access to either the room or the shredder. Keeping the shredder out of harm's way is the most sensible option of all. However, many people like having a pet in a home office, so it might be necessary to find a way of keeping the shredder behind a cupboard door, or a barrier of some sort.
    • Whenever you leave the room, ensure that your pets are out of it too, and shut the door so that they can't wander back in when nobody is present.
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    Don't make the shredder more enticing by shredding food packaging. Always keep food packaging for the bin or the recycling, not for the shredder. Small particles of food may stay lodged in the shredding mechanism, leaving an odour, as well as attracting pests that might attract a curious pet.
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    Keep all the cords up and out of the way of where pets go. Cords can be a strangling hazard, so they're always best tidied away and out of reach.


  • Following these tips will also help ensure that babies and children don't mess with the shredder either.

Things You'll Need

  • Cord tidy
  • Safe positioning for the shredder
  • Shut door to prevent access to room when you're out

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