How to Propose on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve might be a time for some people to receive presents that aren't very romantic. However, for some of those lovers out there, Christmas Eve can also be quite magically romantic. If you are wondering if you should propose to someone on Christmas Eve, this article could be for you.


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    Set the scene for the proposal. Hang up Christmas lights, hang up the mistletoe. Wrap a present to yourself (the present should be the ring that you hand to your proposed "wife").
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    Try to keep things quiet. Don't make things seem grandiose or in any way awkward.
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    Kiss your date underneath the mistletoe. But don't make the situation seem in any way like you know that you are expecting to propose to her. Leave this box just a little out of sight, in hopes that she doesn't see it too well.
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    Have her unwrap some of her gifts. Make sure to leave the wrapped ring box to the very end, after all other the boxes have been unwrapped.
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    Tell her that there is one last gift that you want her to open (as you open up the gift-wrapping). As you give the gift to her, keep your hand on the box. After she's "unwrapped" the ring, slide the used wrapping paper out from underneath the box with one of your other fingers on the same hand which is holding the present.
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    Tell her that you love her with all your heart, and that you'd like to spend the whole rest of your life with her. Tell her that Christmas is the time for lovers to get married.
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    Get down on your knee as you open up the ring box. Ask her the most important question that comes with any proposal "(Mention her name including her first, middle and maiden name), Will you marry me?"
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    Let her accept the invitation. If she turns you down, the extravaganza might have been too much. Tone things down and try to re-propose to her in a few weeks; just make sure to keep the love in both of your hearts that you've been experiencing over the past few weeks.
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    Give her another kiss under the mistletoe. This will tone things down, but keep the romance going.


  • Wrap the ring box in gold foil. Or better luck yet, have the jewelry store wrap your present in gold foil. Besides being reflective and "bigger than any present you'll ever give her", they'll glisten with all the lights hanging on the tree.
  • Keep the ring sitting on layaway at the jewelry store until a few days before Christmas, if your date seems to like to "snoop" into drawers. She'll have a hard time getting behind the counter, and best luck yet, she won't even know which jewelry store to find them at if your town has a few nearby.
  • Keep the proposal area scene serene and free of any other "pests" that may be onlookers of your "special event".

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