How to Properly Market a Horse

This article will explain how to properly market a horse for a quick and easy sale.


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    Pick a price range for the horse you plan to sell. If you are not experienced with this consult your trainer or another equine professional for advice.
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    Prepare all documents pertaining to the horse, including vet records, show records and registration papers.
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    Have x-rays done on the horse so that you are positive the buyers will not get any surprises when they do x-rays.
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    Have the horse in show condition: groomed, clipped, and conditioned.
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    Take pictures of the horse from all angles. Good conformation shots from each side, pictures of the legs and hooves, and pictures under saddle. Do not take pictures of the horse eating, or in any other position that may give the illusion of poor conformation. Do not take pictures on hills. Be aware of the background in the pictures.
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    Prepare a sales video. If you do not have someone who can properly video the horse then hire a videographer. The video should include the horse going at all three gaits in each direction. It should also show the horse performing at it's current level of competition (e.g. show a 3'6" equitation course for a horse marketed as a Big Eq horse)
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    List the horse with a reputable online selling website. Be sure to pay extra for the pictures and videos to be listed. Many buyers will not contact sellers that do not list the pictures or video.


  • Be prepared for lots of questions and requests for more information. If you do not have time to send DVDs to everyone who requests then put the video on a website such as YouTube.
  • When a buyer comes to look at the horse be sure to arrive early and have the horse ready to be shown. Be prepared to ride the horse before the buyer does.
  • Do not ask the horse to go above his capabilities when showing it to the buyer. You do not want a bad ride to drive people away.
  • Be honest about the level of the horse and it's capabilities when typing your ad.
  • Do not lie about any vet conditions, they will be found when the buyer does a pre-purchase exam.
  • Have a detailed contract drawn up by a lawyer if you plan to allow the horse to be taken on trail.
  • When your horse sells do not release the papers or horse to the buyer until all monies have cleared into the bank.

Things You'll Need

  • Quality horse
  • Computer with internet access
  • Digital camera
  • Video camera

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