How to Promote Solar Energy

The benefits of solar energy are amazing. Solar power produces no harmful emissions that hurt the environment. It’s a clean, renewable process. Solar has a fixed energy cost. Prices of electricity from utility providers rises and falls continuously. Solar energy is generated from daylight, not sunlight. So even on cloudy, rainy days, your panels will be working to produce energy.


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    Write letters helping people understand and support solar energy: For example, you could write letters to the editors of your local and regional newspapers, along with any magazines in your area. Write a letter to your regional power company asking them to convert to renewables such as solar. Write letters to CEOs of larger companies asking them to invest in, or give grants to scientific research and development of solar energy technologies.
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    Spread the word through free and inexpensive media. For example, you could create your own Facebook page that promotes solar and other renewable energies. You can upload photos, articles, audio and video interviews, etc. Promote the page to your friends and others on Facebook who are interested in solar energy. Another option would be to develop your own podcast talk show promoting solar energy. You can get started using your computer’s microphone and free audio editing software. Yet another option would be to produce your own talk show on public access television all about solar energy! Many medium and large city have public access stations, and they encourage local citizens to get involved. You can either train yourself to produce your TV talk show, or find volunteers at the station who have been certified to operate the broadcast equipment.
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    Promotion solar energy through art. If you’re a painter, cartoonist, sculptor or song writer you can feature renewable energy themes in some of your works.
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    Invest in solar. You can buy stocks in companies that manufacture solar systems. If you have mutual funds, you can find out if any of these investments go in to solar or renewables. If not, petition the investment manager to look into investing in that direction.
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    Donate to worthy groups. You can make a tax-deductible donation to groups like the Solar Electric Light Fund. Your gift will help bring clean solar energy to people who normally could not afford it. There are many other worthy groups who need your donations.


  • Test several simple approaches to see which ones work the best.
  • Stay informed of any new developments in solar energy. The technology is improving and the prices are dropping on a regular basis.


  • Don't be discouraged that solar energy is still a small part of the total energy solution. The reality is that the sun provides enough power to generate the world's economy.

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