How to Promote One's Religion or Faith

How do you introduce others to your faith? There are billions of people in the world today, and you want to reach each one of them with the truth. Here are some steps and tips to help you witness to others:


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    Live your faith. The way you act should reflect the things you believe in your heart. "Actions speak louder than words" so they say.... When people notice a difference in your actions than everyone else's they will be drawn to ask how and why you are different. This is the perfect time to explain that you are different because you are a Christian. You believe in living differently than other people because of your religion.
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    Be a good listener. It's usually considered rude and condescending to impose our own ideas or give advise to people, especially when they have not asked for it. This is one of the most common errors in trying to share faith, we share too early or inappropriately. When we nurture relationships and they turn into friendships, when we are willing to be still and listen, then we get to the part where we can be ready for those opportunities to have conversations about faith.
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    Be a good example. There is a saying, "If you can't be a good example, then you'll be a horrible warning." People most often want to emulate those they see are living, happy well-balanced lives. While none of us can be perfect, if we are truly "walking the walk" of our own spirituality, those gifts of kindness, generosity, humility and honesty will be truly evident in our lives. People hunger for integrity and kindness, and when they see it, they will want to know how you got it.
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    Don't take rejection of your ideas or faith personally. Everyone comes from a different background, and sometimes dogma or religion was a negative rather than a positive influence in their lives. Others may be perfectly content with their value system and see no need for yours, and yet still others may not be willing to listen to any point of view, except their own. Keep in mind, your goal should be to be available, helpful and non-judgmental when others seek YOU out for answers in their spiritual journey.


  • Always be ready to share when the moment presents itself, but do it kindly, humbly and with a generous spirit. Learn to not give advise, but rather, share what has worked for you, in your own struggles and challenges in life.
  • In most religions, prayer and meditation is at the heart of it, you should devote yourself to prayer and self-examination as often as you devote yourself to sharing your experience of faith.
  • While it is impressive and important to know the scriptures of the faith that you follow, don't rely on the scriptures alone to have the answers to the questions you may be asked, ask them of your Higher Power instead.


  • Don't get into a philosophical argument. Some people truly like to argue and nitpick about the details of religion rather than finding out what having a spiritual life can do for them. If this happens, disengage.
  • Don't try to prove you are right and someone else is wrong; again the goal is to share something that brings you joy, peace and contentment. If your religion is not doing that, then you really have no business sharing it either.
  • Don't come on too strong. Again, when someone wants what you have, it's because the glow in your face and in your eyes tells them this is something worthwhile.

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