How to Promote a Keynote Speaker

Once you have invited a keynote speaker to offer a presentation at your event, the next step would be to promote him. Successful promotion is essential in bringing in the audience count that will make the event worthwhile. Therefore, consider some specific steps that have proven successful if you want to promote your keynote speaker.


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    Do your research on your keynote speaker so that you are familiar with all his work and qualifications. The more you know, the more you can use to promote him.
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    Establish a budget that you can allocate toward your keynote speaker marketing strategy. The amount that you decide on will be dependent on the significance of the event, how many people you wish to attend, and how much you invested on the event itself. The bigger the event, the more critical the promotion, and the more media outlets you should promote on.
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    Make a list of all the promotional options you have at your disposal and then plan out what you want to utilize. Make a note of all the media outlets, including blogs and social networking sites, you will utilize and when. Then gather all the contact information for these outlets so you will have them available when the time comes to call them.
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    Write up a press release and put together the art materials. Request photos from your speaker that you can include. Be creative in promoting your keynote speaker and include catchy titles and inviting phrases. You want all your promotional materials ready and set up in media packets so you can submit them to local newspapers and trade publications. You may want to invite some key media folk to attend the event.
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    Create a promotional page on your website and build the anticipation. Introduce your speaker to the potential audience, and include video and audio excerpts, if possible. Allow them to learn more about him, his qualifications, and his achievements. Consider contacting the speaker for a brief biography and key points to be discussed during the upcoming event.
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    Generate excitement by advertising your keynote speaker via e-mail. Provide registration information and links to online forms. You can even invite those who register the opportunity to put forward some questions that the speaker can respond to during the event. Of course you need to check that this is ok with the speaker himself.
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    Use published works to build enthusiasm for the event and credibility for your keynote speaker, assuming he is published. You could purchase a few books and ask the keynote speaker to sign them and then raffle them off during the event. Include this to entice people to attend the event.
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    Following the event, provide excerpts from the conference for those people who were not able to attend. These excerpts could be either video or audio that highlights the central themes.

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