wikiHow to Produce Hip Hop and Pop Music

You're a young producer and you want to create some fresh tracks. Well, to make a dope beat you gotta know the basics.


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    Get the equipment. You can use programs such as FL Studio or GarageBand, GarageBand is better for beginners and FL Studio has a steeper learning curve but pays off. If you're past that go for a MIDI or MIKO keyboard of something of the sort. Also, if you have a Mac computer, which you should if you used GarageBand, purchase Logic Studio Pro. It's an excellent program with a keyboard that can be hooked up to your computer. If you get a keyboard, obviously, you should have basic piano skills.
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    Start by constructing the base melody of the song. This is basically a repetitive arrangement of notes. Play around with it for a long time, because this is the biggest part of your beat. For hip-hop, try strings, trumpets, choruses, deep, stingy synth pads and electric piano Piano can be used in some situations as well. For pop, try piano, guitar, dancey synth pads or electric guitar but at a calm enough level. Finally, use chords a lot
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    Add ambience, effects, transitions, and other background loops. One instrument in a song won't cut it most of the time. Listen to great productions and see what goes together. For starters, strings and piano go well together, so do strings and electric piano. Also, add a subtle but audible bass guitar in almost song. It really improves the song. Next, provide transition effects to the chorus and back into the next verse. You have to imagine a song being sung as you produce the song. Freestyle to it to see how it sounds with the vocals. The best sounds for this are pitches that keep going up or down. You can also mute the music for a second or two, and unmute it. This is really catchy. Just try different things. It's your song. Be creative.
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    Now it's time to create a drum beat. This may seem trivial, but don't treat it like that. In hip-hop, you hear a lot of the simple bass clap bass clap without any variation. Great drum beats are syncopated and don't just use the most basic types of drums. An example of a great drum beat is Baby By LL Cool J. It uses a rare base and snare, but in a very syncopated rhythm. In hip-hop, you can also add hi-hats. If you do this, it's best do it in after pause or transition within the verse. Also, speed up the hi-hat twice the speed at times for a moment. If you don't understand, listen to hip-hop and pay attention to the drum beat. Creating your drum beat should take at least 15 minutes.
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    If you've finished your track, promote it by putting it on Soundcloud, YouTube, etc., and submit it to artists. You never know, you could get picked and get famous. Also, depending on what people say, you may want to sell your beat to writers and minor artists


  • Keep listening to hit songs from your genre and see what instruments are commonly used and how they are used.
  • Don't give up just because your beat doesn't sound fabulous the first time. If you have never made a beat in your life, it can take a year to actually create a catchy beat.
  • Take a class offered somewhere out there.


  • Do not put too many instruments together. The maximum is probably 5 going at one time, and many times that's still too many. If you do it to many times then you won't be able to login

Things You'll Need

  • Music-making equipment
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • A sense of rhythm
  • Musical experience and/or talent

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