How to Process the Proposed Redirects Page on wikiHow

When a reader on wikiHow makes a topic request, this suggestion has to be approved before it shows up in the Requested Topics tool. If you are a New Article Booster or Admin, you can help out with this task!


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    Become a New Article Booster or Admin. You'll need to follow the title policy and merge policy as you process proposed redirects.
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    Visit the Proposed Redirects page. Look at the two columns labelled "Title" and "Current Article".
    • See if they mean exactly the same thing. Not just of similar topics.
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    Click the checkbox for "Accept" (to the left of the default "Skip" checkbox), if it qualifies to be a qualifying redirect.
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    Click the checkbox for "Reject" (to the right of the default "Skip" checkbox), if it doesn't qualify.
    • Check the "Reject" column box, if the redirect that wants to be created has multiple words starting with a lowercase letter. As a Booster, you should know that part of the policy is to capitalize words of the title (as stated in the Title Policy).
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    Click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page when you are all done selecting all the requests you want to process.


  • Whenever the topic to create doesn't include an action verb anywhere in the title line, you may safely reject the proposal.
  • You may leave some lines still with Skip defaulted, but realize that these answers will remain in the app.
  • At this time, there is no way to Edit the title the article on either side can be redirected to. So all you can do is either reject the title and Create a Redirect on wikiHow Manually yourself, or select Reject and hope someone else finds the right article. However, the predecessor is the suggested method. Just make sure you click the title you'll need to fix underneath the "Title" column, select "Reject" (and submit the Proposed Redirects) on this page, and create it manually. You're a New Article Booster, so you should know the policy, and the redirect should be in order!


  • Be careful not to let your eyes wander around too much, as if you click the wrong box on the wrong line, it can cause massive devastation for bad titles becoming redirected articles, and the reverse of articles not getting accepted that should have (only forcing someone else to re-select them).
  • It would definitely be a conflict of interest, if you were to accept or reject your own suggestions. Leave them up for someone else. However, being a New Article Booster, you probably don't even need to suggest any from this point forward, unless it's borderline questionable.

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