How to Process Copyvio Articles in NAB

When you run into 'copyvios' (copyright violations) in NAB, you may be confused and not know how to deal with them. This article will help you with that.


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    Open up the copyvio in NAB. Sometimes, they will be blanked out, sometimes not. Either way, they can be dealt with.
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    If the article isn't blocked out already, look at it. You might see an attempt made at an article, a huge paragraph of 'wall to wall' text, or something like this, a seeming 'business' type of text. This may be a case of egregious spam.
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    Consider the title. Egregious spamming may be spotted with titles that do not fit the How-to format. For example, How To Onlinedermatology Jobs Search, How To Greek Apartments.
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    If you don't see the text of the article, click on the History link that you see above it. This will take you to the history of the page and you can see what it looked like before it was removed.
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    Put a {{speedy}} on the article if you believe that you see egregious spam and there is no chance of saving it and it becoming an article. The speedy will be carried out or removed. This is if you are a non-admin. An admin can also put a speedy on it, or delete the article if comfortable with that.
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    When deciding which of Speedy or NFD|adv to use, consider the egregiousness (outrageousness) of the issue. Could this be a simple misunderstanding of our brand name guidelines, or could it be outright spamming.
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    The Copyviocheckbot can be a little myopic, if it is not wearing its reading glasses it can be confused by articles with little or no content. A flagged article with no content or only a single sentence can be acceptably tagged as a Speedy for no content.

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