How to Print Booklets

Booklets can function as mini-catalogs, but most contain “how-to” articles, tips and tricks for certain industries or events, or techniques and strategies on how to complete certain tasks.

Booklets work well as direct mail pieces, but also as a trade show giveaway and a point of sale educator. The purpose of a booklet is to educate. So once you have the info you want to share with your target audience, you just need to get the booklet printed. Here’s the easiest way to do that.


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    Find a booklet printing company. This can be either online or locally. You probably want to scout both and compare prices, but online printing companies can almost always beat out the local company.
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    Be sure the number of pages of your catalog is in increments of 4, 8 or 16 for easier printing. Standard printing presses print 16 pages at a time on a single sheet of paper that is fed through the printer on a “web” of paper (a big piece of paper, basically, that will later be cut into pages). By using all of the paper and reducing cutting times, you’ll be able to get your booklet printed cheaper in multiples of 4 than if you had an off number, like 30.
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    Convert your booklet graphics file to CMYK. Most graphics programs default the color mode to RGB because that is the mode all computer screens are set to display. No computers display in CMYK, but all printers print in CMYK. If you submit an RGB file to a printer, the colors will be “off” because the computer file won’t be able to directly “talk to” the printer. The printer will just estimate what colors are needed. This is an important step! Don’t forget it.
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    Save your photos and other graphics to at least a 300 dpi. Anything less than 300 dpi will result in a blurry graphic.
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    Use Adobe Reader to Print then set Page Scaling to Booklet Printing.
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    Lay out your booklet in the right printing order, or imposition. Imposition is a printing term that refers to the arrangement of pages of a booklet, magazine, etc. The layout arrangement must be correct prior to printing so that the pages get folded in the correct order. See the image here for a guide on how to imposition your booklet pages.
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    Place your order with the online printer by uploading your file(s) or mailing in a disk with your files on it. Fill out the online order form with type of paper, quantity, and whether you want 4-color ink.[1] You’ll also need to choose a binding method, with stapling in the center of the fold (saddle-stitching) being the most common.
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    You should receive a page proof or electronic proof of your booklet. Keep in mind that you will probably only receive one page as a proof, just to check colors. It’s best to get the hard copy page proof so you can see the colors exactly as they will be. Once you sign off on the proof, you can’t make any changes, so be sure you are happy with the colors, fonts and layout.


  • If you have any questions about booklet printing, your printer should be able to answer them for you. If your printer can’t answer your questions, don’t use that printer!

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