How to Price Your Artwork

Here are some tips on how to price a piece of your artwork to sell it. There is definitely no exact science to it, but hopefully these tips will help you.


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    Ask yourself these questions: Do you need to sell your art (like do you really need money fast) or do you just want to sell it so others can have it? How much do you like the art piece? How big is it? How much did the materials cost? How much time did you spend on it?
    • Logically you don't price your artwork less than the materials cost.
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    You can price it based off of size - for example an 8x10 is $100, then a 16x20 is $200.
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    You can price it based off of how long you spent on it - for example you spent 5 hours on it so you price it at $100 or you spent 10 hours on it so you price it at $200.
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    Price it with a mixture of the above factors. Such as artwork based on how much the materials cost, how much it is liked, how big it is, and how much you need to sell it. For example - the materials for a painting cost $50 and it's a 36x24, so you might price it at $300. Or it's a 16x20, and the materials cost $10, but you really like the painting, so maybe price it at $250.
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    Take into account, are you just starting out as an artist, or have you been around a while. You're most likely just starting out if you're reading this. If you're just starting out you would price your artwork lower than you would if you had been around for a while and made a name for yourself. For example - when just starting out you may charge $60 or $80 for a 16x20, but five years later after you've had art shows, etc., you could probably charge $300 for the same size. Of course, your quality of work will improve over this time as well.

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