How to Prevent Your Hair from Being Greasy

Hair becomes greasy due to overproduction by the sebaceous glands, which are small glands located directly below the skin. These glands aid in the lubrication of skin and hair in mammals, including humans. While some grease is needed by your hair to prevent breakage and damage, too much can make you hair look dirty and limp. Knowing how to prevent your hair from being greasy is necessary for good hygiene, and can ensure success in both your personal life and professional career.


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    Avoid over-washing your hair.
    • While washing your hair may seem like an obvious step when it comes to preventing grease build-up, too much washing can actually lead to excessive amounts of oil production by the sebaceous glands. Instead of washing your hair every day, try doing so only every two or three days. After awhile, grease build-up will develop at a much slower rate.
    • Those who cannot wait this long for washings may want to try dry shampoos. Schwarzkopf Batiste Dry Shampoo is a popular product that allows users to wait for a longer period of time between washings.
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    When you do wash your hair, be gentle.
    • As with excessive washing, being too rough on your scalp can also lead to the overproduction of oil. Massage your scalp gently, and for as short a time as possible when building a lather.
    • Those who use gentle pressure during hair-washing and who continue to experience high amounts of oil in their hair should evaluate the water pressure in their bathroom shower. Very strong water pressure can put high amounts of stress on the scalp.
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    Decrease the amount of time you spend brushing your hair.
    • Combing and/or brushing your hair can also stimulate oil production. In addition, combing and brushing hair that already is a bit on the greasy side can result in the distribution of oil through the entire head.
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    Keep your hands out of your hair.
    • Many men and women have the bad habit of running their hands through their hair. Like our scalps, our hands also have a high oil content which can easily be spread to our hair. Once your hair has been styled, avoid touching it if possible.
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    Consider the use of talcum powder.
    • Talcum powder is a product that is highly effective at absorbing oil. This makes it a great tool in the fight against greasy hair. If you notice oil building at your roots, sprinkle a small amount of talcum powder over your hair. Lightly brush or comb the powder in to ensure complete absorption.


  • In some cases, prescription medications may be effective in the treatment of excessively greasy hair. If you cannot get the oil in your hair under control, speak with your pharmacist or physician. He or she may be able to make a recommendation.

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