How to Prevent Your Computer from Restarting in the Middle of the Night

When it comes to computers and what configuration they have, it is like comparing human personalities! Your computer is most likely restarting in the middle of the night because of settings that are configured to do so.


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    Check your default setting. The default setting that comes with Windows will sometimes have automatic updates happen on their own at 3AM. The computer reboots to finalize applying these updates.
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    Change the settings. There are 3 overall ways to set it up. 1. To automatically download and install. 2. To automatically download but not install until you say so, allowing you to take a quick look. 3. To only notify you and not download until it is a good time for you. Thus avoiding rebooting when you don't want it to or eating up resources or interrupting what you are doing at the wrong time.
    • A lot of people don't like number 1 or 2 for a number of reasons, others hate not knowing what is going to get applied. Another reason would be to conserve electricity!
    • If you choose to be notified before any downloading happens, you can personally look at what is going to be applied. There are different categories of updates. From severely necessary/small updates like security ones to Important but potentially buggy ones like large service packs. People in the tech world know all too well how a computer can stop working properly because of some problem after a service pack is installed. The problem with being led blindly by letting things just happen the 'easy way' is that you are not totally aware of which change was made so you can find the appropriate info and fix the problem quick. If a bunch of things take place then it is hard to weed through which ones caused what.
    • If you have a lot of other programs installed you might chose the safer more controlled method. If you are using a bare bones system for internet and simple text or email uses, then you are the least affected by automatic updates. It is when the third party software is installed that might or might not work with Windows updates. They can't test everything or know all.

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