How to Prevent Speed Wobble on a Longboard

Sometimes riding down a hill on a longboard can be hard. This quick article will show you how to prevent "speed wobble", the most common cause of accidents that occur while riding on a longboard.


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    Bend your knees to where it is comfortable for you, as you start to ride down the hill.
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    Lean toe-side to heel-side to toe-side to heel-side. This is also referred to as carving.
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    When you can tell that your board is starting to go faster, bend your front knee slightly more than your other, gaining 90% of your weight on your front foot.
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    Watch out for cracks in the road, but don't get nervous and concentrate on what your ankles are doing. This could CAUSE speed wobble. Instead just look up ahead of you and try to relax.


  • Don't look at what your ankles are doing. This is a sign of being nervous, and being nervous can trigger your legs to wobble. Just relax and take it slow.
  • Never stand up with your legs straight when bombing a hill. Bend your knees.
  • Remember to carve at the beginning of the hill. When you start to go faster, shift 85 to 90 percent of your weight to your front leg and bend over your front truck. Picture below.
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  • Wear your helmet! If you have pads then wear 'em!

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